Saturday, August 18, 2012


Venily has literally been eyeing up this butterfly kit for YEARS (she LOVES bugs and animals)!  She finally decided that she wanted to use some of her money to buy it! (which I then took and put right back in her piggy bank when she wasn't looking, lol ;) )

We were in luck and found a caterpillar right away!  It was black and fuzzy and she named it "Rusty", lol.  We also sent for the starter kit of caterpillars (which takes several weeks to get by mail).  Unfortunately, the caterpillar escaped sometime in the night and was never found again (it has to be somewhere in our house!).

The next day, however, Jason found another caterpillar in our garden!  We looked it up and it's a "Tomato Hornworm" (though it's actually a caterpillar).  It is not the most attractive thing in the world, but Venily loves it just the same, lol.  She named this one "Fainting".  (Don't ask, I don't understand why, lol!).  It is BIG and FAST and super creepy to watch!  Here's what one looks like (though it's not ours).

This gorgeous caterpillar actually turns into a giant moth like this, lol!  We've seen these on our tomato plants last year! :)

So we are anxiously awaiting him to make his chrysalis and turn into a moth while in the meantime giving him a steady diet of tomato leaves every day, lol (luckily we have plenty to spare!)!  We are also awaiting our new mail-order caterpillars and hoping they arrive when it's not too hot out so that most of them are still alive when they get here...

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