Friday, August 24, 2012

Things they say! :)

I NEED to remember to do this more often.  My girls are so funny! :)

Haven (2 3/4 years old):

Haven: "Do some kids have 2 moms?"
Me:  "Yes."
Haven: "Do some kids have 100 moms?"
Me:  "No."
Haven: "Do some kids have 10 moms?"
Me:  "No."
Haven:  "Do some kids have a mom made out of puppies?"
Me:  (couldn't stop laughing) "Umm... no!"

(After pooping in the toilet.... she always comes up with the most interesting things about what her poop looks like, lol!)
Haven:  "There is the mom and the dad and they are laying in bed trying to sleep.  And all of those little ones are the children.  And the mom and dad are getting mad because they want the children to leave them alone!"

Umm...okay! :)

Me: (handing her blueberries pancakes) "Do you want syrup on the top or on the side"
Haven:  "On top!.... WAIT!!!!  On the side!!  On top is WAY too messy!"


Venily (4 3/4 years old):

Venily: "Can squirrels swim in hot lava?"

Venily:  "Is Rusty (her caterpillar) really dead or is he actually just sleeping?"
Me:  "Sorry, hunny, he's really dead..."
Venily: "Well, can't we just give him like 10 more chances?!"

(Sadly, both Rusty and Fainting have died.  And "Call Me Maybe Pointy" is currently in its cocoon)

Venily:  (very thoughtfully) "I was thinking about it and I've decided that magic really is real."
Me:  "That's great!  I think magic is real too."
Venily:  "Yeah, but how come we never see any unicorns then?"


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