Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This and That!

Sorry, this is going to be a totally random compilation of items, lol!

 Venily got a sheet home from summer school of all the things the kindergarten teacher wanted them to learn or start practicing before kindergarten started.  The only one that Venily didn't really know was her address, so we learned that!  She has been so proud to know her address, telling anyone who will listen to her.  I've kind of put it off because it is not an easy address to remember.  It's 4 numbers, followed by a 3 number "th street", city, state, and 5 digit zip with no fluency whatsoever, it's quite awkward to say.

Well, the whole time I've been teaching Venily her address, little Haven has been right there listening!  I asked her what her address was one day and she told me the entire thing, LOL!  It's crazy how fast kids learn with a big sister to help them along!  Haven can say her complete address and tell you what both my phone # and her Dad's phone #'s are!  I can't wait until she starts school, she is such a little sponge and is going to love learning so many new things!  ♥

The girls have been "hand, foot, and mouth disease"-free for 2 weeks now.  However, the fun never ends with it!  Both girls are now losing toenails! (one of the possible side effects to the virus).  I am most definitely NOT good with this kind of a thing!  I'm really hoping that it stays with just their toenails and doesn't include their fingernails as well because I can barely keep it together as it is, lol.  And I REALLY don't want to have to explain it to their teachers in a few weeks.  Gross!

Dentist Appt!
 Venily will be getting her first cavity filling in 2 days.  I'm so nervous!  She has always done great at the dentist (she's been 5 times for cleanings and sealing her molars), but has never needed a shot before or any kind of real work done.  My fingers are crossed she does great!!  (And Haven has her first dentist appt ever in Nov, but I am not worried about it at all, lol!)

Fighting Naps!
Haven hasn't been taking naps very regularly at all lately!  She used to fall asleep like clockwork, now she'll lay in bed for an hour completely awake and then ask to be done, lol!  She only falls asleep maybe 1 out of every 3-4 afternoons.  I'm sad and happy about it at the same time.  I LOVED that she still took naps, but I knew that she was going to preschool 2 afternoons a week coming up and has surprisingly made the transition all by herself at just the right time! :)  Hopefully this means she won't be tired or crabby for school!

I'm so excited!  I won a $60 gift card with free shipping to get invitations done for the girls' party!  I'm not going to have enough money to get separate invitations for just Venily's class and for the girls' combined, so I'm just going to get them for Venily's class, but I'm still really excited.  The ones I have picked out are really cute and I'm going to get a bunch of stickers too! :)  I think we're going to do the party at my in-law's house and do like pizza and cake and invite all of Venily's class and our family and friends all at once (like we did last year).  Jason got a big blow up slide and bounce house so we can do that too.  Jason is still pushing another park party, but we've done that for the last 2 parties and I know how iffy the weather and stuff can be!


Exactly 3 more weeks of summer before BOTH girls start school on September 4th!!!  Soooo excited!!!  We have all of the girls' supplies bought and ready and just need slippers for Haven's preschool (but we have to wait another 2 weeks when the stores put the slippers out)!  Both girls are anxiously awaiting the start of school!  (as am I!) :)  Jason will be finishing up his last semester of school this fall as well and has his internship this fall too!  Plus I'll be subbing.  Looks like we're ALL going back to school this fall! ;)

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