Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hand, foot, and mouth disease in addition to strep!

My poor girls!  Yesterday we went to Haven's doctor appointment to get her wrist looked at and the doctor confirmed what I thought- it's a Ganglion Cyst. :(  Nothing we can do about it except hope it goes away on its own.  She is going to reevaluate it at her 3 year well check and if it gets bigger at all or gets painful, then she's going to have to see a specialist to get it removed.  Luckily, right now it doesn't bother her at all and you can only see it when she bends her wrist.

While at the appointment, we noticed that there were little red bumps all over Haven.  Some on her hands and legs and stomach.  I pointed this out to her doctor and she said "oh, it's probably just a strep rash".  Well, we went out to eat and 1.5 hours later we looked at her again and it was much worse and had spread.  We called 1,000,000 different doctors because every one was out of the office and I kept getting transferred to people I had already talked to.  Uhhh!  Anyway, we were super nervous that she was having a reaction to the antibiotic.  Finally, we ended up at the walk-in in Lake Geneva and the doctor told us that she has hand, foot, and mouth disease!  Yuck!  We noticed that Venily had a few bumps on her as well.

We have never had hand, foot, and mouth before, but I guess it is really going around right now and we have seen 5 different doctors in the last 5 days so we probably picked it up from one of the offices.  Venily's bumps have all cleared up already, but Haven is still really rashy.  She not only has them on her hands, feet, and mouth, but butt, legs, arms, knees, elbows, cheeks, etc. as well!  Luckily it is mostly only red dots all over her, no blisters and only a few raised bumps.

Here's some pics of Haven (it's hard to get good pics of it):

Both girls have remained in remarkably good spirits despite this week of sicknesses though!  I am really nervous to have BOTH girls in school AND me working in the school this fall though, lol!  We are probably going to be doing some immunity-building this winter for sure! :(

P.S.  Venily's school registration went well.  We waited in line for hours just to do a few things.  I had Venily's hair PERFECT for her school pictures- washed, blow dried, straightened and styled just the way I wanted it and, of course, Jason takes them into the gym while I'm waiting in lines and Venily comes back a complete and total sweaty mess!!! :(  Oh, was I mad!  Her hair is literally soaking wet in her school picture- the one that will be in the year book! :(  

I also signed up to officially be a sub for Wheatland this year.  I have such mixed feelings about it.  I'm sort of excited and look forward to checking in on Venily every once in a while (oh will it be weird if I sub for her class, lol!) and getting back into teaching and building my resume again and all that.  BUT... I'm also nervous about giving up my full-time Stay-At-Home-Mom status!  It's been almost 5 years since I've done any work outside of the home.  Raising children is all I know right now!  I am also nervous to leave Haven.  Not only will she be going to preschool 2x a week, but I'll also not see her all day on the days I sub.  Haven is my mommy's girl!  I can count on her for non-stop love, snuggles, hugs, and smiles all day long.  I can't imagine not seeing her for even an hour! :(

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