Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bunk Beds and Party Planning!

2 weeks ago the girls FINALLY got bunk beds (we've been wanting them for over a year now!)!!  They love them and have done great with them!  Their room seems a lot bigger now and my poor little tall-girl Haven doesn't have to be cramped up in a toddler bed anymore, lol!

Venily is on the top and Haven is on the bottom (obviously, since that's one of the benefits of being 1st born!).  But Haven takes her nap in Venily's top bunk bed every day, lol!

The girls have also decided on a theme for their joint birthday party... unicorns and rainbows, lol!  (Venily heavily influenced the selection and Haven is happy to go along with anything! :)  ).  The girls got matching unicorn shirts for their party a few days ago!  The date is also tentatively set for Saturday, October 6th!

And UPDATE on the girls' health:  Both girls are 100% better!!!  They finished all of their antibiotics about a week ago and Haven has been completely rash-free for several days now.  Soooo... people can stop running in the opposite direction when we come around now, lol!

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