Friday, August 17, 2012

Cavity Fillings!

Venily went in yesterday to FINALLY get her cavity filled.  It turned out that she actually had 2 small cavities on her back molars on her bottom right side.  And because I HATED being lied to as a child, I told her that she was probably going to need a shot in her mouth.  She was not happy about it and would alternate with saying that she wasn't going to go and that she was going to be brave.  So, I was quite nervous!  Luckily, my rockstar daughter showed up to the appointment! ;)  She did amazing!  She did everything they asked her to do without hesitation and behaved great!  They put numbing stuff on her before they gave the shot, so she didn't even feel the "sleepy medicine" they gave her in the shot.  They had a big plastic piece over her mouth to isolate the teeth they were working on and she didn't even care.  And she got white fillings so you can't even see where they were- they look great!  

I'm really glad everything worked out, but it's not something we want to have to do again!  I am actually very proactive on dental health, but we are making a few improvements anyway!  We are now brushing 3x a day when possible (with me "finishing" them to make sure they get the backs really well) and flossing and fluoride rinsing every single night.  (They always did fluoride rinse, but I've been slacking on their flossing even though I floss my own teeth every single night).  Hopefully that's the last we see of any cavities!


  1. I was actually really shocked to hear she had a cavity! I know how great you are with their oral health! Glad she was so co-operative!

  2. I know, I feel like we already do a really good job with everything teeth-wise, it's discouraging that even that's "not enough". :( When he was telling me all the things we need to do, I just kept thinking (but we already do that!). Lol. If a couple of little cavities on her baby teeth is all she ever gets, I will be very happy. I already think Haven will most likely need braces. Her teeth are very crowded in the front! I'll have to see what they say at her dental appointment in a few months!