Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More randomness!

(Forgot to post this yesterday)

1.  We have 4 new caterpillar additions to our family!  Welcome "Worm", "Men", "Women", and "Crazy".  Lol!  They have been very busy since arriving and already look like they are starting in on their chrysalises.  "Call Me Maybe Pointy" is still in his cocoon.

2.  The girls have decided what they want to do with their lives!  They are quite ambitious at still 2 and 4 years old, lol!  Venily informed me that she is going to be a veterinarian!  Haven told me that she is going to "work at a cat home" and that she's also going to be a "violin player"!  LOL!  They are VERY enthusiastic about this, I need to get a video of them talking about it, lol!

3.  I'm very emotional about sending the kids to school this year!  Just one week from today!  I just finished reading Kelle Hampton's blog (I love her!) about sending her daughter off to kindergarten and I bawled my eyes out the whole time!  I am going to be an emotional wreck on Tuesday!!!  My mantra to myself is "just imagine grocery shopping all by yourself... just imagine grocery shopping all by yourself... just imagine grocery shopping all by yourself..."  :)  It does help a little!  That and the fact that I know how much they're going to love it!!

4.  This last month I've been putting all of my recent online giveaway winnings away for Xmas (instead of just handing them to the kids as they come in the mail)!  I'm hoping that I will have to spend very little, if anything!  Just in the last month I've won about $200 worth of stuff for them (not including the $300 in stuff I've won for things for myself/ our home/ other people) and I still have 4 months to go! :)  There's quite a few things I know they are just going to LOVE and it's taking a LOT of willpower for me not to give it to them early, lol.

5.  Today is Jason's last day of summer school!  3 of his most feared classes- Math, English, and Sociology are now done!!!!!  And we know he got A's in his Math and English! ♥  Still waiting to hear on Sociology...  Unfortunately, his fall classes start next week already, lol!  This is his last semester of classes!!!!  He has 3 classes and his police internship this fall.  Then next semester he'll be in the academy and then hopefully get a job as a police officer!  I'm glad the end is finally in sight!!  I am subbing and resume-building this year, then we'll see what happens next year!

Jason and I have been talking (and fantasizing) a lot lately about what it will mean for us to both have "real" jobs!  It's something we are both looking forward to!

6.  One of Venily's fingernails is now "loose" thanks to the hand, foot, and mouth she had a month ago.  It's like having a loose tooth, but 50,000x more disgusting! lol!

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  1. Did I say one fingernail is falling off?! I just checked today and it's at least 5! I'm guessing they will all fall off...