Sunday, August 19, 2012

Caterpillars (part 2!)

Yes, our lives are so exciting that I need to post not one, but TWO caterpillar posts in a row! ;)

I found Rusty this morning!!!!  She was crawling around in my kitchen (1 week after we lost her, lol!).  I am not 100% sure what kind of caterpillar she is, but I think she is most likely some kind of moth.  (She is the black fuzzy thing in the middle)


 And if that isn't crazy enough, we found another caterpillar today as well!  Welcome...

"Call My Maybe Pointy" (yes, that is it's name)!!  He is an "American Dagger Mouth".  A very pretty caterpillar that turns into a not-so-pretty moth, lol.

Here are all 3 caterpillars hanging out together!  They are getting along quite well!  "Fainting" and "Call Me Maybe Pointy" have races around their cage and "Rusty" likes to hide mostly.

I dream of a day when we can get a normal pet like a cat!  LOL!  (Though Jason says it's never going to happen :(  )

Speaking of pets, "Careful," one of our 4 fish, died a few days ago.  :(  This was the first REAL pet loss my girls have had (if you don't count the time I thought Edward the fish died, but he never actually did, lol!).  The girls didn't really mind.  They were more interested in the whole process.  Venily sat by the tub watching them for hours the night it started looking like it wasn't doing well.  She was sad, but the next morning when it was official, she took it fine.

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