Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Strep has hit our family once again.  And as the girls have proven on almost all occasions, they can't just one have something without giving it to the other!  

I went to the walk-in with Venily on Saturday after she woke up at midnight with a 102 fever and was complaining of a sore throat.  I looked in her mouth and her throat was RED w/ white bumps- I knew right away it was strep.  I should have just had Haven tested at the same time, but she wasn't complaining at all and had no fever.  Venily was put on Azithromycin.  She was in a fantastic mood, however, so we decided to come right from the walk-in (after giving her her antibiotics and Ibuprofen) to the county fair.  I probably won't be winning any mother-of-the-year awards this year, but she was soooo heartbroken when I told her we couldn't go and that was all she'd been talking about for a week, lol!  And she certainly wasn't acting like a sick child!

2 days later... I was grocery shopping with Haven (while Jason had Venily at the doctor's for a follow-up on her strep) and I felt Haven and she was burning up! :(  We had to go all the way home first since I had a cart full of groceries and then back to the walk-in.  The doctor didn't even have to do a throat culture.  She looked in her throat and was like, yep, that's strep! :(  So she is on Azithromycin now too!

This is the 2nd time both girls have had strep.  That coupled with the fact that they both have very large tonsils, I'm thinking that they will have to have them removed at some point.  However, I had strep a LOT as a child (once or twice every year) and never had mine out- though mine are so small you can't even see them.

At the fair I also noticed a weird hard bump on Haven's wrist and then kind of forgot about it.  I was looking at it again today and decided to make an appointment to get it looked at.  So, we have that tomorrow as well.  Based on my internet research, it looks like it's a Ganglion Cyst.  Lovely.  I swear it's one weird thing after another around here!  I will write more tomorrow after we are back from the doctor's (for the 4th time this week....).

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