Monday, November 7, 2011

Venily- 4 year old updates!!

Obviously this is a little late, lol!  She turned 4 on October 13th! :)
I can't believe I now have a FOUR year old!!!!  Ahhh!  Happy 4th birthday Venily Autumn!!!!

3 1/4 year update:

3 Year Well Check:

Her measurements at 3 years:
HEIGHT: 39 inches (85%)
WEIGHT: 32 pounds (62%)
Her measurements at 4 years:
HEIGHT: 42 inches (92%)
WEIGHT: 35 pounds (62%)

Interesting that she stayed the same %ile for weight, but increased in height by 7%!

At 4 years old, Venily is a sassy, funny, always singing, always dancing, goofy, loveable, silly, passionate, crazy, caring, detail-oriented little girl! ♥   She amazes me each and every day with how smart she is and how well she can drive me nuts, lol! ;)

I always talk about how the nursery rhyme that fits her EXACTLY- and it is still as true as ever!!!

There was a little girl who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good,
she was very, very good
And when she was bad,
she was horrid!

LOL!  (Well, besides the curl part). :)  She can be SOOOO good and she can be SOOOO bad!  Luckily she has always been good at school so far and her teachers love her!  She saves her naughtiness for at home!  Sleep is definitely the #1 culprit, but sickness and hunger bring on her naughty side as well!

Venily and I definitely have had our issues this past year.  Our personalities don't quite mix as well as I'd like, but that's what keeps things interesting and fun, lol! Right?!  I love her with all my heart and she was the first person who taught me what being a mom was all about. ♥

She skipped terrible 2's all together and made up for it with the Terrible 3's for sure!  Now that she is 4, all that is going to change.  (at least I can hope so!)


She still has the absolute most amazing memory.  She remembers things weeks, months, YEARS later that I have to really think about before it finally comes back to me.  She has also taken to reading road signs and memorizing street names (like # and letter roads).  I have only started learning roads in the last couple of years, lol!

Just a few days ago she asked me if she could go back to the IKEA drop off day care place and then went into a detailed description of everything that was there and everything that she did during that one hour she was there (that was last December, lol, over a year ago!)!

Her favorite things to do right now are to color.  She colors CONSTANTLY!!  She also wants to write letters CONSTANTLY!!  In her take-home folder I also get like 5 colored pictures each day from school too! :)

I overheard Venily giving Haven a lecture on "mutual respect".  I kid you not, lol!  I was listening in in the next room and trying not to laugh! :)  I love her school so much and her teachers are AMAZING!!!!!!  I was talking to one of her teachers the other day and she was telling me that Venily (even though she's the youngest in the class) is the most "with it" in the class.  A teacher will ask the class a question and she'll look around like "what, don't any of you know the answer?" before she'll raise her hand and answer.  (Super funny b/c I was the EXACT same way in school!).  She also gives kids "looks" when they aren't behaving or are talking while the teacher is trying to talk.  Is it bad that I'm happy that she's a little teacher's pet?!  Haha!  :)  She gets her 1st report card this Friday!

(And I should add that the 20 hour Venily-free break a week is helping me out a lot!!!!)

She is a great big sister and loves to play "babysitting" where she is Haven's babysitter and takes care of her.  She runs around after her saying "Your babysitter will help you!" and then helps Haven do things that she already knows how to do all by herself, lol!  They definitely play nicely together more often than they fight still, but they do fight on occasion as well.  I'm hoping they are able to keep this same balance for the rest of their lives!

Venily loves all of her friends.  She has a few really good friends from school that she talks about constantly.  She also loves riding her bike and power wheel cars around the block and with her neighbor friends, Hailey and Parker.  Hailey and her parents have been over to our house several times now and the girls love running back and forth between the 2 houses and trading toys on the bus, haha.

One time she was at Hailey's house and her mom made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Venily bit into it and said "I think I'm allergic to this sandwich!".  LOL!  Her mom freaked out, but Venily is only allergic to Amoxicillian, I guess it COULD have been really bad if she was allergic though!  She also asked her one time "Do you have any meat?".  !!!!!!!!!  She wanted to eat meat at their house even though she has been a vegetarian since conception and has NEVER eaten meat!  I am in so much trouble with her!...

She has a sense of style that is all her own.  She would wear dresses and skirts every single day if I let her and loves to combine very interesting pieces of clothing together, lol.  The other day she insisted on wearing tap shoes to shop with me at Walmart.  She also had a T-shirt, wool skirt, w/ pants on underneath and colorful socks, LOL! :)  We went to Jason's grandma's 80th birthday and days before she insisted that she wanted to go as a cat and did her own "cat" makeup before we went, lol!  She also ALWAYS asks me to put colors in her hair.  We stocked up on tons of new colors from Halloween clearance!  I'm so excited, lol! :)

She is doing a little better with the whole "no nap" thing.  She still gets insanely hyper when she comes home from school and then crashes pretty hard though.  On the weekends I can still persuade her to take a nap, so that's good!  She goes to bed between 8pm and 8:30pm most nights and wakes up at 6:45am most mornings.  For a while she was sleeping in even later than that, but with the time change now everything is all screwed up! :(


  1. I love that she is remembering roads! That will be so helpful for you! =P
    We can bring her to IKEA when ever you want! Lets leave the little ones at home with Dad's though! =)

  2. I know, I can't wait until she's old enough to ride in the front seat and then I won't have to freak out when my GPS is acting goofy, haha! ;)

    And, YES, let's go to IKEA anytime. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that store!!!! I could spend all day there and Jason just wants to get in and out as fast as we can, lol!