Monday, November 14, 2011

Tooth #19! And cradle cap... (or something)!

A few days ago I realized that Haven got her top right 2 year molar.  ONLY ONE LEFT TO GO!!! (I should probably check again to see if the last one is in yet)...

Oh, and I made an appointment for Haven's crazy cradle cap stuff she's got going on.  It actually has been there for a few months, but we thought she just kept banging her head into stuff and it was scabs from that.  It is REALLY gross right now.  It looks like crusty scabs on her scalp (you can only see it really when it's wet though).  And when the "scabs" get pulled up, it is taking huge chunks of her hair up with it!  YUCK!!!  I have been trying to GROW her hair for over 2 years straight now and it is just coming out in nasty chunks, leaving bald spots! :(  Sooooooo..... we have a doctor appointment on Wednesday to see if she has any advice!

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