Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fly!

There was a fly in my house that's been driving me crazy!  I got out the fly swatter yesterday to kill it and Venily says "What are you doing Mommy?!  You can't kill that fly.  He's my friend!  You are only allowed to kill mean bugs like bees and wasps!".  Right, I forgot, lol.... Well, today while Venily was at school that fly was driving me NUTS again.  I thought "well, what Venily doesn't know won't hurt her!".  I took the fly swatter out again and swatted the fly.  Haven looks at me and says "MOMMY!  Why did you hit that fly?!  He's nice!" so I scooped it up on the fly swatter and said "Look, I'm bringing him outside!".  After I closed the door she gave me a sad look and shakes her head and said "Why can't you let that friendly little guy stay inside?"

LOL!  What have I done?!  haha.  I'm actually really happy that I'm raising such thoughtful and considerate children! ♥

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