Monday, November 7, 2011


Also late, lol!  Oh, well!  I think Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!!!!

Halloween collages!

Venily wanted to be a butterfly this year and Haven wanted to be a pirate girl and a butterfly.  I was a butterfly as well!

Here are some pics from pumpkin carving!  Venily and Haven BOTH drew their own faces on their pumpkins and Jason carved them out for them!  I was really impressed with Haven's since I just handed her a marker and told her to draw a face!!!  She drew 2 mouths one on top, one on bottom, so we had to connect them, but other than that it was completely drawn by her!

(Venily's on the left, Haven's on the right!)

Venily had a pajama party at school to celebrate Halloween.  They also had a Halloween party in her classroom.  
THEN, they had a school-wide Halloween party AFTER school from 5-8pm, for all the students and their families!  I was impressed.  They had free pizza, punch, cupcakes, candy, and games, and a costume contest!  Jason threw a costume together last minute w/ stuff we had around the house and won 1st place for the adult costume contest!  I laughed so hard!!

On Saturday we went trick or treating at Spooky City in Burlington at all the businesses in town.  We had my niece and nephew with as well.  The kids had a lot of fun!

Saturday night, my niece and nephew spent the night and the next day we had more trick or treating fun around Lily Lake!  Venily decided to do her own makeup for that round, lol!  It was kind of cold, windy, and rainy, but the kids had fun nonetheless!  (except maybe Venily who fell and scraped her knee on the rocks in our driveway and insisted on being in the stroller the whole time.... :(

Overall, it was a great Halloween!  We did miss out on going on any hayrides this year... have to remember that for next year!!

I also have a Halloween clearance addiction! :)  I have gone out 3 different times and got a TON of stuff!  I just love it, a bunch of it I am giving to the girls for Xmas (new wigs, new costumes for dress up, etc).  We also got new hair color in every color imaginable!  (which we use all year round, lol) 

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