Saturday, January 22, 2011

Venily is 3 1/4 years old!!

FINALLY!!!  I started writing this a while ago, but am finally finished.  Yay!! :)

Okay, so I totally missed her official "3 year update" and she is already 3 and a quarter years old!!!!  Better late than never, I suppose...

So at 3 1/4 years old...
* Venily can write her name and is working on writing the other letters in the alphabet!!

* LOVES preschool!!!

* Is still super shy at times! :(  Soccer is not going so well.  We are considering bringing her to see someone.  We're thinking being shy is fine, crippling shyness is not! :(

* Other times (like in our own home) she is the MOST outgoing child ever, even with people she doesn't know well!  Jason's friend who is HUGE and super muscular and has a huge beard (someone who she would normally be super afraid of) has stayed at our house a few times and she talked to him, danced and sang for him, etc. NONSTOP the ENTIRE time he's been over, LOL!!!!

* can cut things out really well now with scissors!

* loves to sing made up songs all day long!  And dance super crazy! :)

* she is VERY inquisitive and is very interested in things like "how people used to live a long time ago" and why we have blood in our bodies and things like that!

* has a great vocabulary and loves to learn new words!

* her eczema is finally getting under control!  We've been using her new prescription and Zyrtec each night and it looks fantastic!!!

* she tried to kiss her first boy at preschool!  His name is Nicki!  Oh, boy!!

* she is very picky about clothing!  AND wants to pick out her own clothes every day.  It's really embarrassing when we have to go out of the house.  She's always in some kind of weird dress/ sweat pant combo (p.s. only Jason allows her to pick out ANYTHING she wants to wear!  I usually give her options at least!).  She hates "long sleeved" shirts and prefers "short sleeves up" (as she calls them, lol) but in WI in the winter, that's not always an option!!  She is ALWAYS hot though and also hates wearing socks!  She also loves soft clothing and anything that sparkles!

* I was so happy that we skipped "the terrible two's", however, the 3's are coming at us with a vengeance!!!  I feel like I'm definitely doing something wrong!  It doesn't help that I'm with her almost 24/7 as well.  She has definitely had some BAD days lately where she is sassy, throws tantrums, and whines like crazy! :(  However, she also has "princess" days as well where she is a princess all day long! :)

* still takes a nap every day for about 1.5 hours!! :)  And lately she's been going to bed a lot later (9pm) and sleeping until around 6:45am ish.  One day last week she slept until 7:20am and I was super happy!

* She is SOOOO funny!  Seriously one of the funniest people I know!! 

* I am happy to say that she still has no idea what a McDonald's is! :)

* She is the perfect mix of girly and tom boy!  LOVES makeup and dresses and getting her hair straightened, but also loves four-wheeling, ice fishing, and getting dirty!

* She's really into doing "homework" and "projects" which are basically just her drawing, cutting, and gluing papers together, haha!  She also begs us to do her workbooks ALL the time!!! :)

* LOVES Haven!!!  Really, I don't know what she'd do without her!

Venily interview!!

food: tomatoes (she likes tomatoes a lot, but I don't know if it's actually her favorite)
desert: pudding (she also loves suckers and licorice and gummy worms and things like that... she a lot more like Jason, where as I prefer chocolate!)
vegetable: carrots, peas, and corn (she's pretty good about almost all vegetables)
fruit: grapes and pears. (she loves almost all fruits too)
snack: cereal, but that's breakfast.  (So what's your favorite snack?)  granola bars with chocolate chips
drink: juice, milk, and water.  and, and.... juice boxes!  and not blood.  We don't drink blood.  That's nasty, blood... (and NO she has not watched anything with vampires or anything, lol, I think she said that b/c the other day she said the juice form her blueberries looked like blood!)

things to sleep with: pillow pet, bear, and another bear... pretend bears, not real bears!! (she also loves her soft puppy and HAS to have her soft purple blanket!)
place to shop: Kmart, Walmart, and Walmart with food (apparently there is a difference?)
place to be: to grandma's house! (yep, couldn't be more true, haha!)
animal: lions... real lions!!  Real lions at the zoo!  And I like to go to the zoo with all my family!  Write that, okay?  (no problem Venily, lol!)
extra curricular activity: preschool and gymnastics
game: Roll the ball and you pass it to each kid and then you roll it back to different people and we touch our toes like this and then we roll the ball like... a ball you get and then you touch each feet like we did at playgroup!  (She also loves duck, duck, goose.  And any board game too!)
book: Lion cub.  (I have no idea which one she's talking about, lol, but her favorite book is ALWAYS changing.  She consistently picks out at least one Amelia Bedilia book at the library though and knows right where to find them!)

friend: Kaitlyn with Jacki and Jake... and Ethan and Kaitlyn in my preschool, and Aubrey and Autumn and Adalein and Haven and Alisha and Amanda and my Daddy (p.s.- she is as much a Daddy's girl as Haven is a Mommy's girl!)
colors: purple, blue and gray (usually it's purple, blue, and pink... but she has said gray before as well!)
toys: my morocca and my timer Santa gave me (she also loves her cars, her pretend food, and her jump rope (though it's always getting in time-outs, lol))  
things to do: make pictures, connect the dots, read books, read lots of books... my house Daddy got from the junk yard (LOL, I think she was still on the previous question).  I love painting pictures!
way to annoy her parents: (she yells).  Yell! (sticks out her tongue).  (anything else?)  (she pretends to bite me).  (Okay, moving on... lol)

song: If you're happy and you know it shout hurray!  Ms. Joy sings it and I love that song.  Happy Birthday (sings whole song, lol).  

songs on the radio:  Loud songs so I can dance very fast like this (dances).  Like that.  We dance very fast.  Are you writing we dance very fast?  (yes) Oh. (haha, she also loves... Lady Gaga (STILL a huge fan!), Taylor Swift (any song, but especially the "I wear t-shirts" song), Ke$ha (she calls her Ketcha), the Bottoms Up song, Pink... and tons more!

actor/actress: iCarly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer (I should have guessed!)

TV shows: I like iCarly and not Squongebob. (that's what she calls it, she's never seen it before b/c I won't let her watch it, lol).  I like Dinosaur Train and Blues Clues and Baby Bear (I don't let her watch that show either b/c it weirds me out). (She also loves Little Einsteins and Dora)
movie: Movies from the library!  (though she can't sit through a whole movie, lol)

food: broccoli
things that scare her: maybe a witch?  ghosts... I remember... uh... maybe bears!  (she also doesn't like the dark)
what makes you angry: yelling.  yelling at me. (I really do need to learn to tone that down!)
things to do: I don't like to go in time-outs.  I don't like to go to soccer.  Did you write that I don't like to go to soccer? (yes) And when I'm angry and I'm sad. (P.S. every week she tells me she DOES want to go to soccer, but then once she's there she hates it! :(  )

My favorite things about her:
physical feature: her eyelashes
personality trait: her compassion for others (makes me want to cry sometimes b/c I'm so proud of her!)
time to be with her: when I read to her or do a project with her (I RARELY get to do anything with just her and me and it's really nice!)
thing about her that makes me smile: any time she dances or sings! :)
nicknames: mostly Ven, sometimes Vena.  I frequently call her "Venily Autumn" as well.

Some funny things she's said recently:

"Mommy, I might be a hippopotumous when I get older!" (like that's a career choice! haha)

(while I was driving) "Mommy, when I get big hands and really good eyesight, I'm going to be able to drive too!"

"Mommy, I have my blanket and my pillow and my baby.  I'm not sick, I just want to lay down for fun."

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