Thursday, October 21, 2010

Venily's 3 Year Well-Check!

Venily had her 3 year well-check today!!  She's doing so great!

Pic: Venily and her cousin Bryant, waiting for the doctor to come in!

Her measurements at 3 years:
HEIGHT: 39 inches (85%)
WEIGHT: 32 pounds (62%)

She actually got to use the real scale and wall measurer this time.  I was so surprised at her 2 year check when they still made her sit on the baby scale and lay on the bed to measure her, lol.  I guess they see her as a real little girl now!  Starting at 3 years, she also gets to get her blood pressure taken!  She has a blood pressure thing in her doctor kit, so she was excited about that!  :)

AND VENILY BLEW ME AWAY AT HOW GREAT SHE WAS!!!!!  She talked to the nurse and doctor and wasn't shy at all!  I think sending her to preschool was one of the best decisions ever, I really think it's helping her out a lot with her shyness!  The doctor said that Venily is doing amazing and is way ahead with all of her developmental stuff!  She said that Venily doesn't have to nap anymore, as long as she gets a rest time (she's been going back and forth with taking a nap and not lately).  The doctor looked at her eczema again and said that it's a bad time of year for it.  At it's worst, it's on both of the backs of her thighs and up on her butt checks too.  Right now it's kind of moderate.... a few patches, mostly on the back of one of her legs.  I am supposed to put her prescription on her again 2x a day for a week and moisturize it really good.  And I'm supposed to be giving her a bath every THIRD day (we've been doing every other day)!

Venily knew she was going to need to have a shot and was actually excited about it, lol!  We had been practicing on her and her babies for a few days now!  She took her shot like a champ without a whine or single tear and as soon as it was done she was asking about getting her prize from the treasure chest, lol!!  She even told me that she LOVES shots!!  She amazes me at how tough she is! :)


  1. I just CANT believe Bryant is actually sitting on the exam table!! He screamed literally for 1 hour straight with me Tuesday in the Dr. Office! I bet Dr. Welka was SHOCKED!!!


  2. Yeah, he WANTED to sit up there and I actually had to take him down when Dr. Welka came in. He kept trying to climb back up there while Venily was getting checked up too! The nurse told me to tell you that he was like a completely different kid, they actually didn't even recognize him at first!