Friday, November 11, 2011

Venily's 1st Qtr Repord Card!!

I got Venily's 1st quarter report card today and she is doing terrific!  She got:

  • 29 S's (S= secure and is the highest "grade" they can get)!!  
  • 2 D's and 1 D+ (D= developing)
  • NO B's (B= beginning and is the lowest grade they can get)

They have a TON of things they get tested on in various categories- Language and Communication, Reading Readiness Skills, Math, School/ Social Skills, Self-Help Skills, and Fine Motor Skills.

Her D's were in 
  • Zips/buttons/snaps independently (no clue why since she does them all, but is maybe lazy about it at school?)
  • Uses proper 3-finger grip (MY fault since I do not do it correctly and taught her wrong, lol, and they are now reteaching her the "right" way!)
  • And a D+ in "Uses language to solve problems with others".  Something we are working on at home as well! 

 And the "S's" I'm MOST proud of are the following:
  • Willing to speak in front of others!
  • Participates in discussions!

    Super happy with her very first ever real report card, lol!  ♥

    And on the home front, we are hard at work on learning to read!  The words she is reading now blows my mind!  I am super proud of her!  I have the old school "Hooked On Phonics" series that we are playing around with and also a TON of library books on hold for beginning readers.  I've heard good things about the BOB series and am excited to get those in as well! 

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