Monday, October 3, 2011

Venily's 1st month of 4K!

Venily is doing FANTASTIC at school!!!!!!!!!!!  She loves it so much!!!  I am also very surprised at how quick it took her to make BEST friends!!!  About a week after school started we went to a carnival after school at her school and she saw one of her friends there.  They saw each other from across the room and as they ran towards each other and hugged! ♥  It definitely brought tears to my eyes, lol!  Venily yelled "LIZZY!" and Lizzy yelled "VENILY!" simultaneously.

Since she started school, she has also learned so much, I can't even believe it!  She has easily learned more in one month than she learned in all of preschool last year combined (a huge reason I'm looking for a new preschool for Haven for next year)!!  She has become obsessed with writing.  She asks me how to spell people's names and then writes them over and over and over again, lol.  She also is obsessed with coloring now too (it usually comes and goes, but right now it's stronger than ever!)  WARNING- if you come to my house and leave even the smallest scrap of paper out somewhere, Venily WILL find it and write on it until you can hardly see any of the paper left, lol.  I have to be careful of all of my papers, mail, etc!! :)

She loves to tell me about her day and what specials she had that day, who was naughty, what they had for snack, what projects they worked on, etc, etc.

She also plays "school" at home with Haven ALL the time now.  It's hilarious some of the things that she says that she must hear at school, lol.  Like she'll yell "JUANITO, YOU NEED TO GO TAKE MISS JILL'S HAND AND GET TO THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW FOR A TIME OUT!!!!"  lol.  Or she'll be like "Great job cleaning up, Hailey!"  lol.  She is also always making a daily itinerary and talking about who is going to do what job today and what they are going to do... "first we're going to go to gym class and then we're going to go outside for recess, then we're going to come in and have snack..." (etc).

We are still having a hard time with no nap! :(  She is EXHAUSTED when she comes home from school and usually gets super hyper and then sassy and naughty until she passes out, lol (didn't help that she had strep last week either!)!  If I can get her to lay down while watching a movie, she usually falls right to sleep!

I must say, I LOVE having a break from Venily for 4 hours a day!!!  I love her to death, but she is just too much energy and personality to have around 24/7, 7 days a week!  Plus I know that she is getting so much that I couldn't possibly give her!  Haven, on the other hand, is very sad when we drop her off at school.  As soon as we're heading back out to the parking lot she starts saying "Where is Venily?  Can we go get her?  Is she coming home in a little bit?"  lol.  And then we go home and her and Kylee take naps and when Haven wakes up from her nap she is always asking "Where is Venily?  Is Venily at school?  Is the bus coming soon?"  Haha, it's sooooo cute!!

Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up next Monday!!!!  I'm nervous (as always, lol)!  Miss Jill tells me that Venily is super sweet at school and is always telling me great things about her, but I am still nervous! :)  They also did MAPS testing at the computer lab last week and we'll get the scores for that, I could almost throw up, lol! :)

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