Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Venily- 4K Parent Teacher Conference

On Monday (2 days ago), Venily had her 1st parent/teacher conference for 4K!!  It went FANTASTIC!!!!  The teacher had nothing but great things to say about Venily!  She went on and on about how wonderful of a child she is!!  She also said:

* She just found out that Venily was 3 and couldn't believe that she is so advanced already. (there are kids in her class that are 6 already!)

* She has great penmanship. She actually said that it is even better than her own, lol.  Looking around the classroom, I also couldn't believe how few kids actually write their name at this point.  There were only 3 that write their names on their projects, the rest had the teacher write it every time.

* That Venily is very well-rounded and is a friend to everyone.  The teacher says she knows that no matter who she puts in a group with her, she'll be fine with.

* She is very independent and is great with self-help skills and then once she is done with whatever she needs to do, she goes around and helps OTHER kids too. :)  I have definitely noticed this trait in dance class as well, lol! (she is definitely a little mother, haha)

* She is great at sharing and will try to solve her own problems and will only go to a teacher as a last resort.  The teacher said that this is a very advanced social skill at this age and that she expects most children to just come to her immediately.

* She is also really good at listening and even when other people are trying to talk to her like during circle time, she keeps her focus on the teacher instead, lol.

*  She got her MAPS testing scores (tests they took on the computer a few weeks ago) in and Venily tested at the range of an average kindergartner.  Which is great since she is only in 4K and we put her in a year ahead of schedule on top of that!

I am so happy that she is doing so well in school!!!!  Makes me so proud!!!  I only wish she behaved half as well at home as she does at school, lol, but Jason says that he'd rather she behaved at school than at home any day.... I guess I agree if we have to pick one or the other!

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