Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Latest Videos!!

I actually have a bunch more that I haven't gotten uploaded yet, but I have to start somewhere, lol!

Haven- 22m, singing "I love you Mommy" song and playing the guitar! ♥

We went to the Racine Zoo on August 31st (the last day of our membership)! :(  The girls had so much fun as both girls LOVE animals.  Debating between buying another Racine pass or going for the Milwaukee one next time!  I have a hard time driving places I don't know so the Racine one we definitely go to more often, but the Milwaukee one is so much bigger and cooler!  The Racine one also only takes a few hours to walk through while the Milw. one is an all day event. 

We fed the giraffes, parakeets, and goats which was both of their favorite parts!  We had to pretend Haven was 2 even though she wasn't yet but nobody questioned us at all, lol! ;)

Venily talking about her first day of 4K!

Haven STILL talking about the zoo 4 days later, lol.  23 months old.  And I LOVE that she gets a sudden urge to be the "big bad wolf" at the end! :)

Playing and jumping on the trampoline.  Haven- 23 months.

Driving their new princess car (they have a jeep too, BOTH free at the dump, lol.... people actually spend hundreds of $'s on these?! haha)

Haven counting to 10 in Spanish.  She is up to 21 now in English!! :)

Santa's sack of kids!   As soon as I stopped taping Haven says "Can we do that again?!" LOL!  Haven- 23m, Venily- 3.5yrs

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