Friday, October 14, 2011

Haven is NOT Venily!

Quick story!

We were at Venily's dance class yesterday and we were there 15 minutes early.  They had an obstacle course set up with a tunnel and I told Haven she could play with Venily and the other kids until class started.  Haven was going through the tunnel and Venily was coming in behind her.  Another little girl growled really loudly at Haven.  First of all, Venily yelled at the girl, which I thought was funny (I love to see her sticking up for her sister).  THEN, Haven got out of the tunnel, walked right up to the teacher, pointed at the other little girl and said very loudly "THAT little girl over there just scared me!" (said with complete exasperation)  LOL!!!!!!  It was so hilarious and something that Venily would not have done in a million years at that age!

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