Monday, October 3, 2011

Haven's 2nd Birthday and Strep!!

Okay, decided I'd do this in 2 parts.  On this one, I'll talk about Haven's actual birthday (one week earlier from today) and I am still working on all of her 2 year updates so that will be in another post!  (I highlighted the most important parts since I tend to go on and on, lol!I still can't believe that she's actually 2 years old!!!! :(

Haven slept in late on her birthday (should have known that that was too good to be true, lol!).  It was a cold and rainy day.  We made chocolate chip 2 shaped pancakes with whipped cream and extra chocolate chips on top! ;)  This is going to be a new tradition! :)  Venily can't wait for 4's soon!

We played and did things Haven wanted to do all morning.  Then we ate lunch (in which Haven complained that her tongue hurt as she had been the few days previously) and brought Ven to school and took naps.  

Jason had school in the morning and in the evening so we weren't really going to plan anything so I decided to invite a few people over for cake.  Once I did that, of course, Jason decided he HAD to be there and took off class, lol.  We invited a few more people and ordered some pizza too.  Aunt Jacki  noticed that there was something in Haven's mouth.  It was super white with defined edges and in the exact shape of a heart.  She looked in Venily's mouth and sure enough, she had white spots on her tonsils.  I decided that I'd bring them into the walk-in the next morning just to check things out.

We ate and Grandma did all the kids' hair, lol, and then we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake.  Haven had a great time.  Venily was acting up even more than usual (as she had the last several days, but I figured it was just from being tired).

The next day I took all 3 girls to the walk-in (their doctor was full for the day).  Uhhhhh!  We waited for 1 hour and I was ready to pull my hair out especially since the girl I babysit was super whiny.  I was just going to have Haven's tongue looked at, but decided I might as well have Venily looked at too since we were there (and she had been complaining of a sore throat, which I also had really badly).  The girls did so amazing when we saw the doctor, I couldn't believe it!  Both the nurse and doctor said they were some of the best children patients ever, lol!  And she even said she wanted to keep them around to show the other children how they are supposed to behave. ;)  Haven weighed in at 29lbs with clothes on.  Venily was 36lbs.  The girls did everything they were asked to do and were talking to the nurse and doctor and everything!  They even did the strep test like champions!!!!!!  They kept their mouths open and didn't gag or cry or anything, I couldn't believe it!  Shockingly, both were positive for strep, which showed up right away on the quick test!!  I really hope this doesn't become a trend.  I used to get strep twice a year all while growing up and my girls already have huge tonsils (mine are super small).  We then went to Walgreens and had to wait FOREVER somemore to get antibiotics.  (Keeping 3 sick children under 4 years old entertained for 3 hours while we are out and about waiting around in the waiting room, doctor's office, and then Walgreens was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful!  Oh, and did I mention I was sick too?!  Yuck!).  When we finally got home, Venily had to miss her 1st day of school, but was told she could go the following day since she'd be on antibiotics for 24 hours.

Oh, and the doctor didn't think the thing on Haven's tongue was from the strep, she just thought it was from biting it (which she does often).  It was just a lucky coincidence that I brought them in when I did!

Way home from out super long outing

Jason got home and I was feeling so horrible I had to beg him to let ME go back to the walk-in (he can be a jerk sometimes, he has a hard time stepping out of himself and seeing things from other people's points of views...).  Anyway, back to the walk-in I went and had the exact same nurse and doctor that the girls had, lol.  And embarrassingly enough, I gagged so bad when they tried to test me for strep that they couldn't get a good enough reading.... lol... but they put me on an antibiotic anyway since there was such a good chance I had the same thing or would get the same thing!  I also had to wait another 40 minutes at Walgreens to get my prescription and then it was the wrong one!!  OMG!  I left and came back after Jason and I went and saw a movie (we decided to go anyway since we've been planning it for over a week and my mom was nice enough to still want to watch sick girls, lol!).

So that's been a fun week!  The girls and I are still not 100%.  Haven keeps having a low grade fever on and off (getting top 2 year molars too).  Both girls are coughing like crazy now.  They also both have diarrhea from the antibiotics (and Walgreens was out of probiotics).  Kylee ended up getting a high temperature, but was negative for strep and my nephew (who was also over on her birthday) is sick now w/ a temp as well! :( 

Both girls have their yearly well checks on Thursday (and I have to take all 3 girls when I go)!!  So that should be interesting, lol!!  Hopefully they are truly well by then.  I don't know if they'll get their flu shots on that day (if they have them in by then) if they are still on antibiotics?  Who knows!  I also have a series of questions I need to ask about Haven, so we'll see how it all goes!  Always keeping it interesting around here... ;)

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