Friday, October 7, 2011

Girls' Yearly Well-Checks and another trip to the walk-in (also probably my scariest mom moment ever!)!!!

Haven had her 2 year well-check yesterday and Venily had her 4 year well-check!!



HEIGHT- 42 inches (92nd %)
WEIGHT- 35 lbs (62nd %)

**She is on track to be 5'10" when she is 18 years old! :)


HEIGHT- 38.5 inches (100+ %, WAY off the charts)
WEIGHT- 29.5 lbs (81st %)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE- 49.75 cm (95%)

**She is on track to be 6'2" when she is 18 years old!!!  Oh goodness, I hope that isn't true Haven, lol!!

Both girls did really well at the doctor's.  Right before we had their check-ups I took both of the girls to the bathroom.  I noticed a few dots on Venily's legs and she was itching her neck like crazy.  I brought it up to the doctor and she thought the 2 things were unrelated.  We figured her neck was just from her seat belt rubbing mixed with the fact that she kept putting hand sanitizer on her hands and must have touched the area.  Though I must say, my intuition said that something just wasn't right about that explanation...

The doctor was super impressed with both of the girls!!!  She kept saying that they were both so smart.  She loved that Venily is writing letters and drawing pictures and that Haven knows her alphabet and how to count and that she's potty trained already.  I had some concerns about Haven.  1st, that her right foot still turns inward substantially when she walks.  We had the doctor watch her walk and she then tested out her range of mobility, etc in that leg.  She says that she has a great range so she told us that we need to do 15-20 minutes of ballet with her a day to strengthen up the muscles and get her to turn that foot outward! :)  So that is what we are going to do to!  If the problem does not resolve itself, we are going to be sent to a podiatrist to get it looked at.  I also had the doctor look at a birth mark on Haven's leg that just showed up a few months ago (definitely long after birth).  It's really light and almost not even noticeable, but she said that was normal.  We can also officially all go on 2% milk (we all drank whole milk for years now, haha, Jason and I have been on 2% for a few months now).

Haven had to get 2 shots.  Hep B and the flu shot.  Venily had the option of the flu shot but we decided to go elsewhere and get her the mist instead (her pediatrician doesn't carry the mist, but gave us a list of places that do).  I am SOOOO glad she didn't get the flu shot today b/c it would have always been in the back of our mind that maybe it caused what happened later in the day....

Haven was a champ taking her shots!!  She whined for just a few seconds and was done completely.  When she was done she said "I'm a tough girl!  I'm so strong!" and she got to pick out a prize from the treasure box.  She was super happy! :)

A few hours later, after we dropped Venily off at school we got a call saying that Venily was itching her neck like crazy and that it was bothering her.  We were like "Oh yeah, we already had her pediatrician look at it.  She thought it was "x" and that it wasn't a big deal."

After school I picked her up, looked at her neck and saw that it looked exactly as it did in the morning and drove her straight to ballet.  We were in the car in the parking lot when she started itching all over, especially under her arms.  I looked at her hand and it was covered in red dots and her knuckles were all swollen.  I looked in her arm pit and there were giant welts, dots all over and the whole thing was unbelievably swollen.

I called her doctor and  had to settle for the other doctor's nurse.  She said to go to immediately to Urgent Care b/c it sounded like an allergic reaction.  So off we went (we were just 3 minutes away) and Venily was sad to miss ballet!  As we were driving she kept saying things that were freaking me out.  "Mommy, I'm soooooo tired!"  "Mommy, I can't bend my legs anymore."  "Mommy, I can't feel my arms!".  I was so scared.  Then, when I went to get her out of the car, she couldn't stand up b/c she was in so much pain.  I had to carry her all the way.  We had to wait in the waiting room for quite a while.  She tried playing for a few seconds and was limping like crazy and then curled up on me instead.  I lifted up her pant leg and couldn't believe how swollen her knee was!!

We finally got into the exam room and I finally got a better look at what was going on!  I was SHOCKED!!!  It looked so awful!  It took everything I had not to cry every time I spoke with a receptionist, nurse, doctor, pharmacist, etc.!  The doctor said it was just an allergic reaction to something and that she should take Benadryl and oatmeal baths.  I wanted to scream!!!  I'm like "Ummm.... she can't walk or bend her legs b/c she is so swollen!"  She said the Benadryl should help that and that it would probably get better, then get worse and then get better again and should be gone within a week!  Ahhh!  It's hard not even knowing what set it off too!  She ended up falling asleep at 6:30pm on the way home and staying asleep all night.  We set an alarm and fed her her medicine whenever she needed it.  She was moaning in pain any time I touched her, it was so sad!

In the morning she looked a lot better and was excited that she could bend her legs and do "criss cross applesauce" again! :)  She is still itching like crazy though.  I gave her an oatmeal bath and covered her in Cortizone cream.  She said she wanted to go to school so she is there right now.  Pretty sure I'm going to get a call saying I need to pick her up, lol!  This is how she looked right before she left...

Which is still way better than yesterday, but her whole body is still covered in hives! :(

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