Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random happenings from the girls!

I know, I still need to put up Venily's 4 year updates!!!!  Moving to the top of my priority list!  And I'm so behind on reading other people's blogs that I try to keep up with, it's not even funny!  Uhhh!  I just feel behind at everything this month!... Anyway, here is some more random happenings from the girls:

We have a game where Haven and I tell each other how much we love each other.  Here was her response yesterday:

Haven:  "I love you more than all the hair clips in the world!  ...AND all the hair... long AND short!!"

Well, how do you compete with that?  lol.  I laughed so hard!

There was an assembly at Venily's school for bullying and the whole school was together to watch it (4K-8th grade).  Venily was one of 5 students in the whole school that got picked to come up and do stuff in front of the school! lol!  She got to help the guy with a magic trick and then got to bring home a cool hat he let her keep!  Her teachers said they were so nervous for her, lol, and said she looked scared, but I am so proud of her for going out there and standing out there the whole time!  Yay, Venily!!!  ♥

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