Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Girls' Birthday Party!!!! 2 and 4

We had the girls' birthday party last Sunday, October 3rd.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!!!  Upper 60's- 70 and sunny.  Just perfect.  We went with an "Under the Sea" theme and I had a lot of fun with it.  I figure I don't have many years left to be truly corny without being embarrassing, so I am making these few years count, lol!  Venily and I made a bunch of sea creature decorations and we had some under the sea murals too.

We invited a lot of family as well as Venily's whole 4K class (of 18 kids).  4 children showed up from her class, 1 (our neighbor) was supposed to but fell asleep at her grandma's and woke up too late for the party, haha.  It was nice because we had the party at a park and all the parents came with their children (and some siblings) and all stayed.  We also rented a bouncy castle and I had a hard enough time keeping track of just my 2 children between the park, 2 pavilions, and bouncy castle and would have really struggled watching a bunch of children by myself!  The children that came to her party from her class were Lizzy, Eva, Nolin, and Vanessa.  (for Venily when she is older, haha).  One of her teachers, Ms. Jill came too (but she does every year, lol)!  The 3 girls are all best friends of hers that she talks about and plays with a lot.  And Nolin rides her bus.  She is ALWAYS talking about him as well, but is also always telling me that he says naughty words a lot and follows her around sometimes, lol.  And another of her best friends, Aubrey, who doesn't go to school with her and her sister Autumn, who is the same age as Haven came too.  As well as lots more friends and family (including all their cousins!) ...  Overall, we had 55 people come (that I counted off the top of my head)!! 23 of which were children.

I made the girls a mermaid photo op station, which was a lot of fun!  Jason made fun of me, but Venily and Haven were so excited about it!  I'd like to make a new one every year for as long as they'll let me, but we'll see! :)  We had different kinds of gold fish crackers and candies I made with fish molds.  I also made blue jello cups with gummy fish and sharks inside (which was a total PIA, lol!).  My mom made the girls' cakes.  Venily got a mermaid cake with a Barbie with a fruitroll up tail and Haven got an aquarium cake.  Overall, I think everything turned out really well and I know the girls had a lot of fun!!

The girls got way too much stuff too!!!  They have been playing with all of their new stuff ever since their party and are having a blast (like they really needed more toys....)!  All the projects and stuff REALLY came in handy when Venily got sick and couldn't get off the couch!!  (And I love all the clothes they got, lol, and the gift cards to Kohl's where I bought them even more clothes, lol!).

Overall, a really great party! :)

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