Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Venily- Open House!!

Venily got to meet her teacher and see her room today for 4K!!!  She got to drop off all of her supplies, put her extra clothes, gym shoes, and art shirt into her cubby and find out where her mailbox is and where she gets to hang her coat and backpack!!!!  It was kind of crazy in the room with lots of parents and kids running around, but Venily did get a chance to talk to her teacher.  We also found out that there is another little girl who lives 3 houses down from us who is ALSO in Venily's same afternoon 4K class.  How fricken cool!!  The parents said they're not sure if she'll be riding the bus home or not, but if she does, that would be awesome! :)  I am sooooo very excited for Venily to start school!!!! 2 more days!!!!!

Ahhh, and the kids even switch for "specials".  Here is her schedule:
Monday- Library and Art class
Tuesday- Gym class (and fyi, Ms. Meiden retired last year thank goodness, haha)
Wednesday- Computers
Friday- Music class

Venily is so excited that she gets to go to all of these "extra" classes! :)

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