Monday, August 8, 2011

Birth Control/ Arthritis

So, I haven't been on any real birth control since I got married, just over 5 years ago.  Jason has been bothering me and bothering me about it (and threatening to get a vasectomy) so after 3 different appointment attempts, I finally got in today.  The only thing I've used in the past is the pill and then the mini pill for a total of 5 years.  Both of which I hated.  So I am trying the Nuvaring now.  AND, my doctor ordered it so that I don't have to have my period at all, which I'm pretty psyched about (I didn't know that was an option)!!!  Hopefully I like it.  I can't see myself ever going back to something I have to remember daily and I don't want anything even semi-permanent, so I'm hoping this works out for me (with no crazy hormonal side-effects!)!

I also got medication for my arthritis.  I am PRAYING that this works b/c I can hardly function some days.  I was just realizing the other day how many daily tasks I have altered in some way so that it won't hurt as bad and it was pretty sad to think about.  I've had this since I was in high school, but never thought that I had any kind of real condition, I just thought I had "weak wrists".  I used to tie stuff around my wrists really tight to "hold them together" and lessen the pain.  Duh, I should have known something was wrong, but I have always hated doctors and avoid them at all costs unless I'm basically dieing!  I guess ignoring the problem definitely hasn't made it go away so hopefully medicine will!

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