Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Venily and Haven videos! ♥

Haven singing "Yahnkee Doodle".  This has been stuck in her head for days.  This is my newest video I watch when I'm feeling sad, lol! :) (Haven- 22 months)

Venily singing (3.5 years old).  She sings ALL THE TIME too, haha!

Both of the girls slide jumping!  This is a daily occurrence in our house.  They HAVE to jump off of anything and everything.  So far, no emergency room trips yet from this, lol, but give it time!... (Venily- 3.5 years, Haven- 22m_

Crazy Venily at dinner time.  It's no wonder I am tired all of the time!  Oh, and I don't know why she was messing up her rhyming words so badly, usually she does pretty good, haha!  (Venily- 3.5 years old)

and my little Haven while Venily was in timeout!  Could NOT love this girl any more than I already do! :)  (22 months)

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