Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haven is 23 months old!!!

Only 1 more month she turns 2!!!  How on earth did this happen?!

I have been slacking a lot on writing anything lately.  I have a few cute little conversations from the last couple of weeks, but nothing else.  I'm hoping to have a big post for when she turns 2!!!

Haven- (after waking up one morning) "Mommy, can I please watch some Dora?"
Me- "No sweetie, not right now."
Haven- (huge smile) "Pretty please?"

(how can I say no to that?!)

(after telling her that we were going to her grandma's house for a little bit in the morning)
Haven: "We are going to Grandma's house?!  Yay!  Can we eat Grandma's zucchini bread?  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grandma's zucchini bread!" (all while dancing around b/c she is so excited)


(as we were driving and a school bus drove past)
Haven: "Mommy, where is that school bus going next?"

(she is so thoughtful and observant it scares me sometimes, lol!)

(after pooping on the potty)
Haven: "Mommy, can I ask you if I can get down now?" 


(She comes up to me, showing me her bunny)
Haven:  "This is my bunny.  There is a hole in it!" (it's a puppet, so a hole to put your hand in)
Me:  "Oh, that's your bunny?"
Haven:  "It's a RABBIT actually!"
Me:  "Oh, it's your RABBIT!!" (lol)
Haven:  "Uh huh, we have work to do." (and she leaves the room)


I could seriously write a hundred funny things she says each day b/c it never stops!  She is so hilarious!! :)  Gosh I love her and don't want her to grow up any more!!!!!

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