Thursday, September 1, 2011

Venily's 1st Day of 4K!!!!!

Venily's 1st day went awesome!!!  She insisted on wearing her horse dress.  Because of the dress code, I had to put a shirt underneath it.  She looked a little dorky, but super cute anyway! :)  She begged me all morning long to bring her to school already (she's in the afternoon class).  Lol.  I was nervous for her, even though I knew she'd do great!  We dropped her off at school and she was so excited that she was jumping up and down while walking into the school!
As soon as we got to her room, she calmed down a lot and was a little in shock with all the newness, but she couldn't have cared less when I left!  
As soon as we left the room, Haven sadly said "Venily?", lol!  I was really surprised when one of the other parents asked us if Venily was 4 or 5.  I just figured all the kids were 4, but I guess some are 5 too!  His son is 5.  I felt kind of bad saying that Venily is still 3 and will be 4 in the middle of October!  

I brought the little girls home and they went right down for their naps.  It was FANTASTIC to have nap time free of kids again, lol!  I got so much done!  However, I thought about Venily the whole time!  I even started looking out the window for the bus BEFORE school even got out, lol.  When Haven woke up from her nap the first thing she asked was "Mommy, where did Venily go?"  :)  Venily didn't end up getting off the bus until 4:20pm!!  That's over an hour after school gets let out (it always takes longer the first couple of days of school)!!
 It's also 90-some degrees out today and super humid and Venily was a sweaty mess from being on the bus for an hour!  
But she was so excited to tell us all about school!  She had lots of fun, made tons of new friends, and can't wait to go back to school tomorrow!  I am so excited and happy for her!  She loves her teachers too!!! :)  She was soooooo hyper when she got home!  Then I asked her if she wanted to go grocery shopping with me and she crashed hardcore in the car.  I could barely get her to walk once we got there, haha. ♥


  1. Glad to hear her first day went so well!! (and glad that the shirt under the dress worked!) :)

  2. Yeah, you definitely saved the day!! :)