Friday, August 5, 2011

Conversations with a 22 month old!

 Some of Haven's most recent hilarious conversations!  She is just the funniest child!!!

Me:  "Haven, come here!"
Haven:  "No!"
Me:  "Are you being naughty?"
Haven:  "No, I'm not being naughty.  I'm just being a goofball!"

(she says this ALL the time now)

(Haven came out of the bathroom with her underwear on backwards.)

Me:  "Haven, turn your underwear around!!"
(takes them off, and spins around in a circle with them in her hands)
Haven:  "I turned them around in a circle!"

 (I laughed so hard, haha!)

Me: (after she pooped in the toilet)  "I am so proud of you!" (I say this almost every time, lol)
Haven:  "Yeah, everyone is so proud of me!"

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