Thursday, August 4, 2011

School Registration!!!!

We just registered Venily all up for 4K today!!!!!  Venily was so excited to see her new school and where her new class will be.  Everyone we spoke to was SOOOO nice, Venily can't wait to go to school!!  She almost started crying when we had to leave b/c she wanted to stay at her new school, lol! :)

We found out today that she will be in the afternoon class.  I was really hoping that she'd be in the morning class, but one of my mom's friends (that I've known since I was a baby and who is one of the nicest people in the entire world) is a helper in that class, so that's reason enough for me not to try to get her into the morning class!  That means that I will have to drive her to school each day at around 12:00 (with Haven and Kylee) and she'll be done with school at 3:20pm and ride the bus home (last year I know our stop was the last one and Allison got dropped off at our house around 3:50pm).  Being in the afternoon class means that we are stopping napping as of today... yikes!  Hopefully she will get into the swing of this new schedule by the time school comes around.  I can't really make her bedtime any earlier so HOPEFULLY she learns to start sleeping in a little (lol, yeah, like that's going to happen....)

We've had all our school supplies for a few weeks now (including a princess backpack, of course!), lol, but I still need to get her some gym shoes and an art shirt! :)  We bought her a ton of milk tickets today... I'm so excited for her to start school!!!!  Open house is August 30th where she'll get to meet her teacher and see her classroom and then she starts school on September 1st! :)

She already got her picture taken today for the yearbook.  Is it weird that I'm about to cry from writing that, lol?  (and as I type this she is telling Jake Kotrba (one of her favorite people) all about today and registration and how she's going to find the nicest girl in the class and become friends with her, lol!!)  Anyway, she took an awesome pic with the cutest smile ever, but the woman was new and didn't take it right so she had to do it again and it didn't come out quite so well.  Lol, but it's still cute.

Side story:  There was a man helping the woman learn the machine to take pictures.  He was talking to someone else and said "What is her name?" ... "Wow, that is beautiful"  and then someone else asked me how to pronounce it and she's like "Oh, that's different." and he's like "No, that's the most gorgeous name I've ever heard!"  :) (I happen to agree! ♥)

The countdown is on for school to start!!!!!!  28 DAYS!!!

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