Monday, August 1, 2011

July Resolution Review!

Resolution #1- Read 100 books this year.  So far I've read:

January- 11 books
February- 5 books
March- 10 books
April- 8 books
May- 11 books
June- 9 books
July- 5 books

 TOTAL: _59_ books (should have 58 1/3 read at this point!)

Status:  Doing okay.  I couldn't get a lot of reading done this month b/c we've been busy, I've been drawing some instead of reading, I finished my favorite series I've been reading, and I had a yard sale that took up a lot of work for about a week.

This month I read the last 2 books in the Anita Blake series (#19 and #20) and then read the 1st one that I had never read, lol.  I also read the author's book on all of her short stories.  I read Potty Training your Baby- A Practical Guide for Easier Toilet Training as well.  All stuff I already knew, but good to read anyway.  I started Uglies by Scott Westerfeld too.  I have a bunch of new books from the library too so I'm hoping to find another series that I love b/c I'm really sad my other one came to an end.


Resolution #2- Work out at least 30 minutes 2x per week.

STATUS:  Thinking about crossing this one off my list soon, lol!


Resolution #3- I WILL donate blood this year.

STATUS:  Completed 2/17.  Will work on scheduling my next time this next month!


Resolution #4- Get boudoir pictures taken of myself.

STATUS:  Still waiting.  I've promised myself I WILL get it done though! ;)


Resolution #5- Drink more water

STATUS:  Doing pretty good.


RESOLUTION #6: Plan out a summer home-schooling curriculum for Venily and stick to it!
STATUS: Got a bunch of cool books from the library on different things to do with paints, bubbles, etc.  It's not what I was envisioning, but it'll be fun this last month before school starts.  Seriously, Venily starts 4K on September 1st!!!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!! 5x a week! (half days).  I also start watching Kylee again that same day (Haven's little friend who is only 1 month younger than her) so I need to find some fun things for the little girls to do!
RESOLUTION #7:  Paint a picture of my girls to hang up in my house.  (This is something that I've wanted to do for a very long time and I know will be very time demanding, but it's something I really want to do!)

STATUS:  Completed the following:
  • Got my canvas and paints! two 11x14 canvases and two 16 x 20 canvases.  I was totally geeking out in Hobby Lobby all by myself -I'm NEVER by myself!! (though not nearly as bad as when I was geeking out right before we saw Harry Potter, lol.  Jason was beyond embarrassed in me and kept loudly saying "Get a hold of yourself, Jennifer, you're a grown woman!" while anyone within hearing distance laughed! :) )
  • I had every intention of doing a painting right away, picked out my pics and got them ordered and delivered, but chickened out and wanted to a pencil drawing first.  So I did the following:


I am pretty happy with how they turned out, though I could still spend probably an hour on each one fixing things here and there.  I have a couple more drawings lined up for other people.  And Jason is trying to talk me into doing this online for people.  He was all set up to order me a domain name and start on my website, but I'm still reluctant.

I'm still hoping to do some paintings soon as well, but I can't believe it's been so long since I did any sort of drawing or painting (not since high school).  I forgot how much I actually enjoy it!


  1. Laughing out loud at your geeking out stories! So funny! Could you draw Adalein? Maybe you could wrap it up as her Birthday gift?! I don't need it on a canvas since I plan on puting it in a frame. I will get you the 2 copies of a pic.

  2. I'd definitely draw Adalein! :)