Sunday, August 7, 2011

Venily's newest class- Beach Volleyball!!!

Venily just finished her newest class on Friday- beach volleyball!  She had sooooo much fun and it has been her best class yet.  She wasn't shy for even a second, lol!  Each class that she's taken through this program just keeps getting better and better... so far she's taken:

Soccer (HORRIBLE... couldn't get her to do a single thing!)
Baseball (Bad, but she did participate in a few activities, but then would completely close down again on others)
Dance (Good- was shy the 1st day and wouldn't do things with the group, had to be right by me, but after that she warmed up really quick and did awesome the rest of the classes)
Gymnastics- Very good!  Only had one "off" morning one time that lasted for like 10 mintues.
Beach Volleyball- AMAZING!!!

I was really surprised at how much she learned as well at her beach volleyball class!  There were only 7 kids in the class and 3 teachers, lol.  She learned how to bump (elephant), set (moose), spike (alligator), and how to serve!  And how to say "mine!" whenever she hits the ball.  (FYI- Venily was the LOUDEST child to shout "MINE!" each time and I could hear her completely across the room, lol!)  And it was too fricken cute to watch too!  ♥  She loved her class and she loved her teachers.  I was kind of hoping there would be some male teachers this time, just to see how she'd behave then, but they were all female again (the last 3 classes have been).

She really did amazing.  I am so proud of her!  She really got into it (the other kids- not so much, lol!).  She took everything her teacher's told her very seriously and even wanted to practice all the time while we were home! ♥  And I am so very happy to say that she appears to be a well-liked kid.  Other kids just gravitate towards her.  She is friendly and loves making new friends.  You don't know how happy this makes me!!!!  

Oh, and super cute-  Venily showed up to class one day decked out in tattoos (11 to be exact, including 1 on her face, lol!).  She was so proud of them and loved all the attention she got.  The next class period one of the other kids had a bunch of tattoos on too!  How fricken cute?!  She is a trend setter too! :)

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