Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Haven is 22 months!!

Haven is 22 months old today!!
At 22 months, Haven is as super cute as always!!

2 more months until her birthday!!!!
So far I have the following for her party...
* location- Echo park!  Last year I swore I'd never have their party at a park again... oh, well, lol!
* date- Sunday, Oct 2nd
* theme- Under the Sea
*cakes- my mom is taking car of them!
*got some decorations already and tons of ideas of other things I want to get
* working on making their pinata and a photo scene (Jason's not exactly on board with this idea, haha, too bad!)
* list of themed foods to make and how to make them
* list of themed games
* ideas for themed gift bags
* and working on the guest list 
* I have the wording for the invites, but I still need the papers (just going to make them myself)

I'm having fun with it, haha!  I've never done a full-out themed party before! :)

Is going GREAT!!!!  She's been wearing underwear to bed for 8 nights straight now and hasn't had a single accident at night!  We are 100% diaper free and happy about it!  She has even slept through the night a few nights, but mostly still wakes me up to pee in the middle of the night.

Funny story-  We have been going swimming every single day in our pool and she always gets out of the pool to pee in the grass.  The other day she told me she had to pee, so I stripped her and sent her to pee in the grass like usual.  She kept squatting, but then not going and running around and then squatting again.  I didn't know what the heck she was doing.  Then I said "Just hurry up and go Haven so you can come back in the pool!" and she squatted right down and POOPED in the grass.  We were all laughing so hard! :)

UPDATE- We were having a picnic lunch today and Haven told me she had to pee.  So I took off her underwear and squatted her down in the grass and she POOPED again!!!  Oh, Haven, we can't be pooping outside out in public, lol!  I suppose it's better than in her underwear! ;)  I'm going to have to buy some of those dog bags that people use when they walk their dogs, LOL!!  Silly girl!

Recent food obsession:  raw spinach!!!  She can eat entire plates full of spinach salad and keeps wanting more!  (both the girls actually).  And cucumbers!  She can eat an entire cucumber by herself (luckily we are getting them in like crazy in our garden!)

Haven has been a swimming maniac lately since we go swimming almost every day.  Here is a video of her and Venily going underwater.  She kept saying how fun it was!

And she is becoming less and less tolerant of wearing anything while swimming.  She thinks she is a big kid and can swim all by herself!  The other day I took the girls out by myself and we were about to get in and there was a wasp in the pool.  I scooped it up in the net and was trying to kill it by stomping on it (for some reason I can NEVER kill a wasp by stomping on it!) and Haven decided to climb up the ladder and jump right in w/out a life vest or anything.  I was right next to her and quick scooped her up out of the water, but I was terrified nonetheless!  She is so fearless and we now keep the stairs completely away from the pool and built a gate on our deck so there is no way she can get out back by the pool by herself.

CONSTANTLY taking off and putting on clothes.  Every time I turn around she is either naked when she used to have clothes on or wearing something she wasn't wearing before.  Most of the time she does really well with it.  Here is a pic where she went in her room and came out in pajamas and both legs are in the same hole, lol.

We ♥ Festivals

Here we are at a Revolutionary War reenactment.  Very cool!  Couldn't imagine having children back then.  One woman took her two small children, dragged them across a field in a wash tin and proceeded to give them a bath while they ran around naked, lol!  We also went to a Hot Air Balloon festival.  We got to see the hot air balloons up in the air and then they all came back and they blew them up again at night and shined the lights inside! 

Haven loved this slide at a picnic for Grandma's work (wish I had the $175 to rent it for the girls' party!!!  I'm thinking about getting a bounce house since it's a lot cheaper):

We went to the museum today with Haven's friends (who were all born within a month of each other)!

FUNNY things she says and funny/cute conversations lately:

One day we were driving home from somewhere and she saw the moon.  She was FREAKING out about it, it was so cute!  She kept saying "I SEE THE MOON!  I SEE THE MOON! HI, MOON!!!  I LOVE YOU, MOON!" and then we turned a corner and she couldn't see it anymore.  She was so upset and was saying "Where are you moon?  Mommy, I miss the moon." and she was almost crying, haha! :)

(after waking up from her nap) "Mommy, I'm so crabby!"  She's actually said this a couple of times, whenever she's crabby, lol!

Says this all the time:  "Have to/ need to ____(insert anything)__" (go camping, go downstairs, eat a banana, etc.).  Everything is "Mommy, I NEED to go outside!"  "Mommy, I NEED a snack!"  "Mommy, I HAVE to go to grandma's house!"  :)

Calls band-aids "bandages".  So does Venily.  I have no idea why, LOL!!!  She's always like "Mommy, my finger hurts.  My need a bandage!"  HAHA!

Conversation from the other day:
Haven: "Mommy, are you busy right now?" (She actually said this, lol!  Does she think she's 15 or something?!)
Me: "No.  Did you want something?"
Haven: "My want M&M candies!" (said 'nem-uh-nem candies') :)

(After handing her a regular toothbrush when she's been brushing with an electric toothbrush since Xmas.  Misplaced her electric toothbrush)

Haven:  (trying to push the front of the toothbrush and handing it to me)  "Mommy, push button?"
Me:  "No, Haven, that's just the way it is.  Just brush your teeth" (and I give it back to her)
Haven:  "Mommy, it broken!  Needs new batteries!"  LOL!

(holding a cup and her toy lamb in her hands and playing by herself while I listened in...)
"Do you want something to drink little lamb?"
(sings) "If you try it, you will love it!"

Another funny thing she said!!!
"Hold on!.. (short pause).. I SAID 'hold on!'!"  (I think she was talking to Venily! haha)

Any time she eats something she likes she says:
"Mmm, mmm, mmm, delisioso!" (from Dora.  She says it several times a day and I still laugh each and every time she says it.)

We went out to brunch on Sunday and the waitress asked Venily what she wanted to drink and Haven said very loudly "My want a chocolate milk!" and the waitress is like "Okay, a chocolate milk for you!"  LOL!  I couldn't believe she wasn't shy to her and ordered her own drink! :) 

(I was better this month about writing some down! :)  )

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