Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Haven is 20 months old!

(a few days late!).

20 months is a lot older than 19 months.  I don't know why, it just is.  It makes me think so much closer to 24 months which = 2 years old and I can hardly take that!  She promised me she wasn't going to grow up! :(

I've been insanely busy the last month so I will just write down a few observations about my sweet little princess!
We are still working on it!!  Venily was 100% potty trained at this point (days, naps, nights, out of the house, etc.) but I am finding it harder to give her the one-on-one attention she needs to completely potty train her between Venily and the other children I watch!!  We have had a few awesome days though where she'd pee and poop on the potty quite a bit!  She also tells me whenever she pees in her diaper now (which she hadn't been doing before- she would only tell me when she pooped).  I've mostly been having her running around playing out on the deck with the potty seat out there and she'll just run over and go when she needs to go and then get right up and play without saying anything, lol! :)  She also tells me constantly that she wants to wear "big girl underwear" and continues to throw a fit every time I put a diaper on her!  Hopefully it won't take too long (definitely before she turns 2).... Venily potty trained so fast and so easily it's hard for me not to compare, but I know that's not fair!  A few days ago we had another awesome break through!!!  We were out of the house all day for memorial day and she refused to poop in her diaper.  I brought her to the bathrooms and she pooped!!!  This was the first time she's ever gone out of the house!!!  Yay!!!!

SIZES: Haven is such a big girl!!!  She is now in a LOT of 3T clothes.  Pajamas, shirts, and dresses usually fit better in 3T.  Some of her 2T pants are starting to get a little short as well!  Venily is in a 4T so maybe they will be sharing clothes next year, lol?!  Also, I've had to move her up a size in shoes!!  She's now in a 7!!  Venily is in a 9/10.
This has been such a good month for us as far as sleep goes!!!  Back to putting herself to sleep in her own bed for nap time and bedtime and sleeping through the night again.  Our 2 months of sleep-hell are over!!  Her bedtime has been pushed back a bit for summer usually 8:45- 9:00ish now.  Which means sometimes she sleeps in until 7:30am (though 6:00am wake-ups are not uncommon still)!!
Still eats pretty good, but she is starting to turn down a lot of things that she LOVED last year.  She's becoming pickier with what she wants, but I can NOT say that she's picky b/c I have known children who are picky eaters, and she is definitely not one of them, lol!  Watermelon is her favorite thing in the universe, however, that and suckers and tomatoes!  :)
I must say that her slide is still her favorite toy that she owns!!  She loves slides at parks as well.  She also loves playing in water (or anything and everything outside).

Dora, Tinkerbell, Princesses, anything with hearts, flowers, stars, or crescent moons on them she loves!!!

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