Thursday, June 23, 2011

Woke up dry this morning!!!

(This would be Day 14 if I was still keeping track... okay, maybe I am! :)  )

Yay!  Haven woke up with her pull-up 100% dry this morning.  I think it was the first time ever!!! :)  She is still currently only wearing pull-ups at bedtime and I can't wait until we are done with them completely! *fingers crossed she wakes up dry tomorrow as well!*

Other than that she is still doing really well.  At home, it's a piece of cake!  Out of the house, she's had a few accidents, but overall has done really well.  (All 3 times happened to be outside at a park and she'd go some in her underwear and finish the rest on the potty)  Yesterday we spent 45 minutes in the library and she told me she had to pee 3 times, lol, and she actually peed all 3 times!  Gotta love this stage, lol!  I remember Venily having to pee 4 times during my 1 hour yoga class! ;)

The other downside is that she likes to use the "I have to pee" excuse to get out of eating or taking a nap!  Haha!

And I think it's the cutest thing in the world that I give her a couple of squares of toilet paper and she wipes her front and then her back, throws it in the toilet, and then flushes and WANTS to wash her hands! :)

Here's a pic of her going at the library, lol.  She was making the cutest face in the world but stopped when I took the pic! :)  Which reminds me, I NEED to take a pic of her "trying to go" face.  Fricken adorable! ♥

We are going camping this weekend and she still refuses to pee in the grass, lol.  I'm going to bring her little potty seat and hoping that she does well out of the house for 3 days!

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