Friday, June 10, 2011

Haven is amazing! Potty training totally clicked today!! ♥

Haven had an amazing potty training day today!!  She only wore a diaper for nap time and only had one pee accident!  Other than that, she peed and pooped on the potty ALL DAY TODAY for a total of 7 times (6 pee, 1 poop)!!!!  She just tells me when she has to go, runs to her potty seat and goes!!  I'm so happy! ♥  I think I can honestly say that I won't ever put a diaper on her again while in the house except for sleeping!

Here's how our day went...

* woke up with wet diaper (though 1st thing in the morning she came in by me and told me she had to pee in the potty, but I was too tired to get up, lol.... oops!  Promise I won't do it again!)
* Peed in potty!
* Pee accident (Daddy was watching her while I was in the shower... :( )
* Peed in potty!
(diaper for nap- woke up with a few drops of pee in it, but mostly dry)
* Peed in potty!
* Peed in potty! 
* Peed in potty!
* Pooped in potty!
* Peed in potty!

Next on our agenda after a few more days potty training in the house:
* Only using the big potty at home (no more potty seat)
* Wearing big girl underwear out of the house
* No diapers for nap time
* No diapers for bed time

and then we can officially say good-bye to diapers FOREVER!!!!!  YAY!!!!

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