Friday, June 17, 2011

Potty Training- Day 7/8!

Week 1 is DONE!!!!

Wore underwear (with pull-ups over them) out of the house yesterday morning for Venily's Tumbling class and to Jacki's and the park!  She told me she had to pee while Venily was in her tumbling class so she went on the potty there.  Then at Jacki's I asked if she had to go and she said yes, and she peed there too!  Yay!!!!

One of the mom's at Venily's class was really impressed with her.  She heard Haven tell me she had to go to the potty and couldn't believe it, haha.  We were talking about potty training our children and I said something like "Yeah, she's doing pretty good" (thinking how she's not trained at night yet) and the woman was like "PRETTY good?!  If she is wearing underwear out of the house and telling you when she needs to go at 20 months, then she is doing AMAZING!"  I realized she's right and I really need to stop comparing her to Venily as much!

Took a nap with underwear on and woke up dry!

And was super great in the house, as she has been all week!!

An AMAZING week it has been!  I think I can say that she will not be wearing diapers any more ever except for at night! (she hasn't woken up dry yet, so we've been doing pull-ups at night).

DAY 8!!
Okay, I think I will stop writing about potty training each day now, lol, unless something big happens.  BUT.... today I took Haven out in big girl underwear to the park for 2.5 hours, then to Pizza Hut and then to the bank and she didn't have any accidents at all (she peed once in the porta-potty at the park and once at the bank, lol)!!!!!
Soooooo super proud of her!! ♥  Way to go Haven and thank you for making it so easy on me! :)

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