Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bike Riding and Tumbling Class!

Venily is doing GREAT at riding her bike without training wheels.  Her Daddy has been working on it with her this last week.  He designed a bar that connects to the back that he can hold onto.  He took her around the neighborhood today and said she can go several hundred feet all by herself (but she needs to be going fast and gets wobbly if she's too slow)!!!  I'm really impressed since I may have not learned to ride my bike w/out training wheels until I was 10, lol!  She's got me beat by 7 YEARS!!!  Now, that's impressive!  :)


Venily just finished up her tumbling class!  She did so great!!!!  It was the first class where she didn't even hesitate at Day 1!  It helped that it was a small class and all the teachers were cute high school girls! :) (Oh, and her favorite "teacher" looked EXACTLY like my brother's girlfriend of almost 2 years that Venily loves!)
She learned things on the parallel bars (of which I'm sad I have no good pics!), the balance beams, the vault, and tumbling things on the floor.  One of her friends that we frequently see (through play group, story time, etc.) happened to be in her class so that was a huge plus as well!  I think at the most there was only 6 kids in the class, lol (but usually only 4-5) so she got a lot of attention since there was always 2-3 teachers!
She says she wants to try baseball and soccer again, but I don't think I'm going to have her try those since they didn't go well at all the last time!  Her next class is Beach Volleyball and it isn't until August!

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