Sunday, June 5, 2011

Potty training update!!

Haven has been diaper-less or in underwear (with plastic covers) most of the time at home for the last several days!!  She is doing great!!!  Definitely not as easy as Venily was, however!  Venily hardly ever had accidents while potty training (and none at this age) and Haven still has several a day, but I think they are helping her learn and she seems to be getting better and better!  Things are starting to click!!

She is learning how to hold her pee in for long periods of time.  And sometimes she'll just go a few drops and then stop herself until she gets to the potty.

She gets upset if she pees or poops in her "princess diapers" (which she now calls all diapers, lol) or on the floor.  And HATES wearing diapers!!

Today I think she finally learned how to "try to pee"!!!  This is an awesome accomplishment and one I hope she retains for tomorrow and on! :)  Up to this point, she would know that she had to pee, would sit down and have to wait for the urge to hit her again (which would sometimes take quite a while)!

She seems to like the real toilet and her potty seat equally. (of which I am glad)

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  1. I want to pick your brain on this topic! You always have such good advice/ideas!