Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Haven Araya is ONE year old!!!

I can't believe that my baby girl is one year old already!!!!
Yes, her birthday was on Sunday.  Yes, I am posting this on Tuesday.  No, I don't have her update ready, even now! :(  I just can't do it.  I will, but it might take me a week or two.

She had a great first birthday though!!  It started out a little rough, we had to call Poison Control for the first time ever!  She woke up from her morning nap with stuff all over her and it ended up being the entire container of fish food that she had grabbed off her dresser and opened.  Not knowing what the heck is in that stuff, we had to call and it turned out it was fine... though it DID shake Jason up pretty badly.  
After that we went out to eat with her aunt and uncle and cousins and then we went to the Bear Den Petting Zoo, which is always a good time!  The weather was nice and Haven loved seeing all of the animals and she went on a hay ride too.  
Then we went back to our house where we had a fire and dinner with more family and she got to eat a cupcake for the first time!  She even blew out her own candle even though I had never practiced that with her before, I just taught her to blow on hot things! :)

Today Haven had her one year well check and shots!  She is doing awesome!!!!  I think her doctor used the term "amazing" at least 3 times, lol!  And I purposefully didn't even tell her all the things she can do! :)  Haven weighed in at 23 pounds (88th%ile) and was 32.5 inches long (100th%ile).  The doctor was laughing that she's so tall, lol!  Her head circumference was 47.5 cm.  She was not a fan of being at the doctor's at all.  She wasn't screaming or anything, but she had tears streaming down her face almost the whole time and her face got all red b/c she was so upset! :(  She did fine with her 2 shots though.  One was a combo MMR and Chicken Pox shot and the other was a half dose of the flu shot.  She's supposed to come back in a month for the 2nd half of the flu shot.  But, I may "forget" to come back, lol.  The nurse said that just having half would offer her protection against it.  I also "forgot" to ask about her lead test.  I just didn't want any more sadness from her!!!  Plus, I really don't think she has any lead problems.

She's beyond all of the things she should be doing, which I knew, but it's nice to hear anyway.  The only thing she needs to work on now is going DOWN the stairs.  Which fills me with absolute anxiety b/c I have an irrational fear of stairs.  I've let her go down a few times and she CAN do it (on her butt), but she likes to stand up and I am soooo scared she's going to fall, so I hold onto her hand while she does it most times.

We've been down to only nursing twice a day recently, and will continue to wean from here.  I've been giving her whole milk w/ all of her meals, so there is really no reason for me to continue nursing anyway.  It's bittersweet.  I love nursing, but am finding it kind of embarrassing like when we were in the waiting room and Haven comes over to me and says perfectly clearly "Mama, Mama.... milk!!!" while pulling at my shirt, haha.  The doctor was happy to hear that we made it this long.  Also, she supports my decision to Extended Rear Face Haven's carseat.  She suggests going until 15 months since Haven is so tall.  I mentally rolled my eyes at her, but I'm thinking that's probably how long we'll go for anyways. She goes back in 3 more months for her 15 month check up and shots.

Other random stuff:  She still has her umbilical hernia (which I knew).  Her top molars are definitely coming in (which I knew).  And her eyes/ ears/ hips, etc. all look good! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Haven!
    xoxox Bryant!