Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 2 of preschool!!

Venily finished her 2nd week of preschool!!!!  She LOVES it so much!!!  She gets so excited to go and loves putting on her backpack and her "preschool clothes" and "preschool shoes", etc.  :)  Each day she is so excited to go into her classroom and couldn't care less that I leave her there!  Words cannot even express how proud I am of her... you have no idea how her reaction to going is FAR better than I ever thought imaginable!!!  She is a quiet, "shy" (until she gets to know you) girl that has never left her mom before, but she is so independent and adjusts so well to new environments... it is such a shock to me!  Makes me feel like I'm doing something right! :)

I absolutely love hearing how well her day went and what cool things she got to do that day, what she ate for snack, who she played with at recess, what books the teacher read, etc.!  Venily has an amazing memory and is always telling me everything that happens in the books Mrs. Vivian reads to them! :)

She got a Scholastic Book Club order form today and an invitation to give to her grandparents for "Grandparents and Grand Friends" day so they can come and see her at school (not sure if my mom has to work that day), but how fricken cute is that?!

She is growing up so fast and she's not even 3 yet... and to think, she's (hopefully) going to be riding the bus next year and going to school 5x a week... it's so crazy!!!!

Here's just a few of her artwork pieces from school!  I'm just a little proud of her, lol! :)

A dinosaur she traced... (her teacher was really impressed!) :) 
Some hearts she traced...
A picture of a face she drew... (CORRECTION- I have been informed that it's a dinosaur!! lol.  She really loves dinosaurs right now!)
And some paper she cut...

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