Friday, September 10, 2010

11 1/2 months old today!!!!

I think this will be my last "half month" update!  After a year, I'll do monthly updates from then on!! We'll see if I can wait a whole month, haha!

I reserved the pavilion at the park for the girls' birthday party!  It's all set for October 3rd!  I had to pull a few Jason moves in order to keep the cost lower (Jason can literally get anyone to do anything he wants!).  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Now I'm just hoping for nice weather!!

Haven continues to add new words to her vocabulary each day!  A few new ones this last month include:
roll (while rolling her hands), weeee (when she wants to go down a slide or on a riding toy), out, Yay!, bib (she loves to take her bib off and say "bib!  bib!" lol, she also calls anything she puts over her head (like a necklace) a bib *(see below)), door (she loves doors!!), spoon (says it for spoon or fork), blue (not sure she understands the concept yet, but she points to the blue rock on her bracelet and says "BLUE!"), jump (while attempting to jump), na-night (as she lays her head on me or a pillow when she's tired or pretending to sleep, lol!  The other day we were in her room and she was super sleepy.  She goes over to her crib and points at it and says "na-night!" and tries to climb up on it!!  LOL!)  She also says a ton of more "words" that are just the beginnings of words like "bub" for bubbles, etc. and she tries to say grandma (her favorite person besides me, Jason, or Venily!)!

*Side story- This morning she was done w/ breakfast and took off her bib saying "bib, bib" and threw it on the ground.  Then she continued eating a few bites.  Then when she was really done she tried taking off her shirt and was saying "bib, bib" b/c she forgot she had already taken her bib off.  Maybe you had to be there to see it, but I was cracking up!! :)

She memorized her first song a few weeks ago!  She sings it all the time and gets it stuck in her head!!!!  We learned it in her Building Blocks class and she'll start singing it out of nowhere all the time!  It goes "Roll it, roll it... up, up, up.... roll it, roll it... out, out, out... roll it, roll it... clap, clap, clap... roll it, roll it... pat, pat, pat!"  I usually have to help her with what comes next, but sometimes she does the whole thing by herself!!!!!  She has also started to try to sing other songs.  She doesn't say any words to them, but she 'sings' while I'm singing, sooooo cute!

We've been to the zoo twice in the last few weeks and Haven just loves it!!  She LOVES animals so much!  And she loves to say what sounds they make!  She's learned 3 new animal "sounds".  Frog (ribbit, ribbit, while bobbing up and down), giraffe (what?!  You don't know what a giraffe says?!  lol.  She touches her neck b/c giraffes have a long neck! :)  ) and yesterday she FINALLY learned what a pig says (she makes the pig noise...hmmm.... not sure how you "spell" that, haha!).  That puts her at 19 animal sounds!!!!!  I wish I could get a good video of all of her sounds, but she is a crazy one.  Here are a couple that I took a few weeks ago...

And here's some pics from the zoos:

She is getting really good at answering yes or no questions!  She doesn't say "yes" yet, but she has the "no" down good!  Like I can say "Are you hungry Haven?"  and if she is, she'll say:  "Eat, eat, eat!" and runs to her highchair and tries to get in! and if she's not, she'll say "NO!"

Unfortunately, her frequent use of "no" means that she is arguing a lot more with Venily!  Especially in the car!  They go back and forth all the time.  Here is a video, but it gets a lot sassier than this, lol!  And one time Venily was busy doing something and Haven kept saying "NO, NO!!" (then wait for Venily to answer) then say "NNNNOO!" (wait) then she said "TES!" and then she was back to "NO!" again, arguing with herself! :)  And if she is playing by herself in the house and I hear her saying "no, no, no!" she is for sure doing something naughty, usually climbing up on something!

While I'm laying on the floor, she loves to run over and sit on my back and say "neigh, neigh!"  :)  HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER?!  lol.  She has me laughing ALL day long!  She also rides anything else she can get on!

She loves washing her hands in the sink and whenever I wash mine she rubs hers together like she's washing them too!  She also dries her hands and face on the towel all by herself.  She is obsessed with stealing wipes and wiping her face and the floor and everything else she can find as well!  I guess there are worse things to love to do, haha!  Sometimes I just give her a wipe to "clean" things while I try to get chores done!

She is doing so great on whole cow's milk!  She has been drinking one cup a day with lunch and has had ZERO problems!!!!!  We are still nursing 3-4 times a day, and I'm trying to wait until her 1 year check up before I start trying to cut out more nursing sessions and adding in more milk!  But I don't see any problems at all with the whole weaning process.  The only time she every REALLY wants to nurse is sometimes in the morning and if we are ever out in public and it's past her nap time!  The other day at the zoo, she didn't get to nap and was pulling open my shirt saying "Milk! Milk!"..... kind of embarrassing, lol!  I think my sister and I are the only ones that noticed though! :)

On Tuesday she started cutting through tooth #7 (bottom left).  I just checked this morning and it's finally all the way through and tooth #8 (bottom right) is starting to cut through today also!!  Hopefully both the bottoms finish up soon!  I can't believe that she will have 8 teeth for her first birthday, since Venily only had 4! :)

There have been a few times now that Haven has said "poop, poop" right BEFORE she's pooped!!  One time I was able to get her on the toilet first.  Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come in the following months!

Her current favorite song= "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".  She likes to give me the animal sounds.  I will have to get a video.  Really, I should just get cameras installed all throughout my house b/c she's just so darn cute ALL DAY LONG!!!  ♥

And some "just because" videos I haven't put on here yet!!


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