Monday, September 13, 2010

1st Molar is coming in! :(

Haven's top right molar is coming in now! :(  I was hoping she'd get a little bit of a break.  She's been chewing her fingers like crazy still and I was wondering why since she completely cut the 2 teeth she was cutting a few days ago.  I thought they shouldn't be bothering her anymore since they were all the way through.  Soooo..... I looked in her mouth and sure enough, she has a giant blue bump on her top right molar.  (Venily's molars did the same thing... the first time I saw them I panicked and brought her into the doctor, I was sure it was something much worse, haha!)  It looks incredibly painful.  I hope we don't have to drag this process out! :(

On better updates, when you ask Haven what a train says, she now says "CHOO! CHOO!"  :)

And we have no more....Open mouth kisses from Haven!!  She was doing half and half for a while, sometimes open mouth, sometimes closed mouth with a kiss sound!  Now, however, she always kisses with a closed mouth and kiss sound!  She does the same thing when she blows kisses!!  Her open mouth kiss was so cute, but I love her closed mouth kiss too.... it was fun for a while b/c you never knew what you were going to get, haha!  She is a very loving little girl!  ♥

Finally, I'm also certain she understands the concept of "blue".  She has pointed to several different blue things now and said the word.  She has never said it while pointing at any other color either!!  Apparently BOTH my little girls' favorite color is blue, go figure! :)

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