Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tooth #7 and Tooth #8!

Yay, 2 done at once!!  We had both bottom lateral incisors come in over the last couple of days, bringing us to 8 teeth total!  She's been teething like crazy this last week.  Luckily she wasn't too bad, just a little clingy and wanting me to hold her a lot.  She's also had her hands in her mouth almost constantly all week!

On Sept 10th she got her bottom right incisor in at 11m, 2w, 1d.  And yesterday, Sept 11th, she got her bottom left incisor in at 11m, 2w, 2d.  It's still bothering her a little today, hopefully it's all better by tomorrow!

After the first set of 8, Venily got her molars next, rather than her cuspids.  I don't know why, but I assume Haven will be the same.  Hopefully she'll hold off until after her birthday party.... I remember molars being way worse than any of Venily's other teeth!!

I wanted to get a pic of Haven's new teeth, but she is WAY less cooperative about it than she used to be, lol!  So.... I will have to wait until they get a little bigger and take a pic of her smiling! :)

Update:  Okay, here's the best I could do on a pic.... I will try to get a better one soon, it's kind of blurry but you can kind of see where the new teeth are!  

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