Sunday, September 12, 2010

And another thing....

I wanted to remember....

The other day we were walking down the street to pick up Allison from off the bus (NOT going to be fun w/ 2 kids in the winter!!), and Venily said to me out of nowhere....

"Mommy, you're my BEST friend!"  It was so unexpected, lol!  Usually she tells me that Haven, Allison or Aubree are her best friends!  I love her! :)


  1. Awww that is so sweet! Carlie told me the other day "Mommy I like you the best", and I completely melted! Daughters are awesome!

  2. I totally agree! It was one of those out-of-body moments where I felt like I was floating above myself, watching the scene and saying to myself "Wow, this is really my life... These are really my kids and my almost 3 year old thinks I'm awesome!" It made me so happy! haha. Maybe I'm just a weirdo! :)