Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yep, you guessed it...

another new record!  I think she got up to 16 consecutive steps tonight (don't worry, I'll stop updating every time she beats her record)!!  She is for sure getting better and better each day! (or I should say night... she's been wanting to stay up at night to practice her walking and gets a huge surge of energy, lol)

Here's a video of some of her walking skills!  I apologize, I will probably take a lot of videos of her walking, it's just so darn cute! :)

(she probably would have kept going, but I ran into the couch and couldn't back up any more, lol!)

6 more days until her 9 month birthday!!!!  I can't believe it!  I will have more updates then!  And I will reveal soon what cakes the girls decided to have Grandma make for their birthdays!  You'll never guess what Haven wants, haha! ;)

AND A VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE GREAT DADDYS OUT THERE!!!!  My girls have the greatest Daddy of them all and they know it!  They love him so much and his girls are his world!  I just love watching Jason with them!  ♥  We were supposed to have a father's day picnic, but plans changed.  Jason had a nice day of fishing, kayaking, and hanging out though, so it was all good!

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