Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lots more walking!!!!

Haven is definitely getting the hang of this whole "walking" thing!  She got up to 12 steps today and lots of runs of 10!!!  She is getting so daring too and will start walking to me without me even telling her to, she just pulls herself up on the nearest thing to her and takes off!!  As of today, I don't even worry about staying super close to her, she falls very gracefully now (either on her butt or down to a crawling stance)! :)  My baby is officially growing up!! 

Another thing I caught her doing today is climbing stairs!  We need to get our gate put back up ASAP, because she LOVES to climb!  I also watched her push a box over to her activity table, climb up on it and stand on it and then continue to "booty dance" (the cutest dance IN THE WORLD where she just shakes her little booty ♥ ) up on top of the box!  She is going to be Trouble!!!!! :)

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