Thursday, June 10, 2010

8 1/2 Month Updates!

Haven is 8 1/2 months old today!

Haven is most happy these days while standing.  Holding onto her standing toys, couches, tables, my hands, doesn't matter, as long as she's standing!  She pulls up on everything too.  She really likes her push toys and will push it across the room until she hits something.  (I put her excersaucer away since she hasn't used it in a long time).  She also ABSOLUTELY loves walking while holding onto 2 of my fingers.  If it were up to her, she would do this all day long!  She gets so excited that she squeals, lol!  She has still not mastered stooping yet though.  She can't get down from the standing position gracefully, so I'm always nervous she's going to fall!  And she has no fear of letting go of something and going after something else, so I have to keep my eyes on her all the time! She'll cruise from toy to toy, couch to couch, etc and let go in between to get there.  We have had a few bumps now, but nothing too bad yet, let's hope it stays that way!

She loves to stand by herself a lot too.  Oftentimes while she is standing and holding onto something she will just let go and stand there!  And when I stand her up she can stand by herself for several minutes as long as she has something to focus on (otherwise she is usually trying to walk somewhere).  5 steps is still her record for consecutive steps by herself.  But she wants to walk BADLY, haha!  I think that's why she likes all of her push toys so much!

If she is not standing, she is crawling around EVERYWHERE!!!!  We rearranged our living room to try and contain her a bit, but she always finds a way out, lol, or something to get into!  I absolutely love when she is crawling and puts something in her mouth (like her sippy cup, toy, toothbrush, etc.) and crawls while biting onto it to bring it with her!!  It cracks me up every time!  Especially when she smiles while doing it, it's so funny!  She has been trying to stand up without pulling up on anything as well.  She can get to her knees, but that's it.  She often goes up in a "bear crawl" stance as well, lol.

Ducks are her favorite toys and coincidentally her current favorite word.  That and dog (there is a puzzle piece with a dog on it that she absolutely LOVES).  It's funny that Venily went through an identical fascination with ducks and dogs!!!

I learned over Memorial Day weekend that she can now use a straw!  I had a drink in one hand and I let her bite on the end of the straw and then I noticed she was actually drinking it!  I stopped her (because it was LEMONADE) and she freaked out, lol!  I didn't know for sure if she actually got any, so I let her bite on the end again and, yep, she was actually drinking from it, so I had to stop her again!  I hope she got it out of her system because that's more sugar than I'm going to let her have in the whole next year combined! :)

She really loves doing things for us.  She is constantly trying to brush our teeth with her tooth brush, feed us her snacks, etc.!  Venily thinks it's hilarious! :)

Haven gets shy sometimes!  Not painfully shy where she will cry if someone gets close to her or so much as looks at her (though occasionally that will happen if she's really tired), but she will completely cover her face around people sometimes.  Even with my sister!!  She will look at her and Haven will smile and bury her head... then wait a few seconds, look up and if my sister is looking at her, she'll quick bury her head again... and so on and so on until she gets used to her!  :)  I think it's really cute, but I hope she outgrows the shyness, we are still working on some of Venily's shyness issues as well!

Haven is still having constipation issues.  We've had a couple of rough nights where she was up like every hour trying to poop, but wouldn't because it hurt! :(  I can't stand to see her in pain!  I'm still not giving her her vitamins and limiting baby cereal, bananas, rice, applesauce, etc. that would make things worse.  I'm giving her a lot of pears, which DEFINITELY help!  And I found prunes the other day.  Gave them to her once and within like 2 hours she had a large, soft BM, which made me so happy!  It's funny the things that can make me so happy, LOL!

I don't remember if I've written this before, but Haven gives the sweetest hugs ever.  She nuzzles in with so much love and then will rub my back or gently pat it with her hand!  I fricken LOVE it!!!!  It's easily my favorite thing in the universe! :)  We are working on giving kisses.  She will kiss objects and toys if you tell her to, but only people sometimes when you ask.  She usually turns her head fast so you can't kiss her mouth, haha!  I blame Jason's prickly kisses!!!

Her current favorite song is "Pat-a-cake".  I'm still trying to get her to "roll it", but she likes the clapping and the "pat it" part! :)

She still LOVES eating microscopic specks off of the floor, despite the fact that I am always vacuuming and sweeping.  The weird thing is that a lot of times she won't actually eat them.  She'll just keep them in her mouth like a little chipmunk, haha!  I can always tell when she has something in there she's not supposed to and when I go to get it out, she clamps it shut so hard, I can barely pry her mouth open!


  1. I seriously can not believe Haven is only 3 days older than Sage! She is SOOOO much more advanced than Sage!! I always tell my husband you have a prodigy child! lol!

  2. Lol, that's funny! I think she's just in a hurry to grow up! I see a lot of other babies around her age and they still look and act so much like babies, I feel like Haven went from newborn to toddler overnight! :(

    But babies grow and learn at all different rates. I have a friend whose girl was born Nov 4th. Her daughter was crawling and pulling up on things WAY before Haven, but STILL can't sit up independently! It just depends on the baby!

    And a little known fact (b/c I don't want to seem crazy, but oh well, haha). I have "lessons" for Haven every day. I don't like psychotically plan things out, but I try to practice different skills with her all the time, every day. I make sure we do large motor activities, small motor activities, language activities, reading, naming objects for her, playing games, etc. etc. I think that's helped! I did the same thing with Venily and she was always ahead of her age group as well!