Saturday, June 5, 2010


So a couple of nights ago we had "Chicken" Fried Rice (with fake chicken) for dinner.  And over the last few days I have picked up a TON of brown pieces of rice from all over our house.  I couldn't figure out what the heck Venily did!!  I am constantly picking up every little speck off my floor because Haven is NONSTOP trying to eat every little speck, and I was finding rice in the living room, hallway, and both the bedrooms!!  Haven was chewing on something today and I took it out of her mouth (this happens a million times a day, she's a quick one, lol)  and it was a piece of rice!  I started getting really annoyed.  I had JUST vacuumed this morning AND the day before, how is there STILL rice everywhere?!

Then... I saw yet another piece of rice and went to pick it up and right when I was about to touch it, I saw that it was MOVING!!!!  It was actually some kind of bug with a lot of tiny little legs like a millipede or a larva or something equally gross, the size of a piece of rice!!  I yelled for Jason to come and get it.  Venily thought it was the coolest thing ever of course, haha, but I didn't think much of it.

Tonight I decided to tackle my MOUNTAIN of laundry!  I seriously have like 6 loads of laundry I need to do.  Our washer is broken and is ruining all of our clothes (about 15 of the girls' shirts/dresses I have to throw away) because we have rusty water and for some reason all of a sudden it is putting giant rust stains all over our clothes.  (And we don't have the money to fix it :(  ).  Well, Jason cleaned it out and now wants me to try again while we save up money to try and fix it.... I feel sick to my stomach thinking that any more of our clothes getting ruined, but oh well, sorry... back to the story! :)  I started going through the giant pile of clothes and I found another millipede/larva thing... and another.... and another!!!!  At least 5 on the floor in my room alone.  So I started looking in Venily's room, 2 more!!  And in the hallway, another!!!  YUCKKKK!  And then I start thinking about all of the times I actually TOUCHED them and picked them up to throw them away and then that Haven might have had one IN HER MOUTH!!!!!  Uh, it makes me so sick!  (though I'm still hoping that she did actually have a real piece of rice in her mouth!).

I don't know what to do!  I don't know if they are going to get any bigger and I obviously don't want Haven eating them!  I assume there are so many all of a sudden because it's been raining so much the last few days.  I can't STAND bugs!!  That has been one of the biggest perks to moving into a new home that we built ourselves instead of our last house, which was build in the 1800's and had a dirt floor crawl space!  Of course the bugs are nowhere near as disgusting as the ones I used to find, but I'd really rather there were no bugs at all!!  I'm hoping that once I clean the basement, we can fog it ourselves (we can't afford an exterminator) and hopefully that will help!  I'd do the upstairs too, but I'm WAY too scared to put chemicals anywhere near the girls, especially with Haven crawling all over the place and eating things off the ground all the time!  I'm really hoping they just disappear all by themselves once the rain stops!

I have a lot more updates on Haven, but am trying to save them for her 8.5 month update next week! We'll see how long I can last, lol! :)  And we might be headed to lots more festival fun next weekend!  The sound company that Jason sometimes works for has asked him to do another festival and will even buy us all a hotel room to stay in for the weekend, so that should be fun!  

UPDATE:  Apparently there really is rice all over my floor as well!  Because I was just cleaning and found a few more pieces of rice that were actually pieces of rice!  Makes me feel a little better! :)

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